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Economic and Safety Considerations : Motor Vehicle Safety Inspections for Passenger Vehicles in Texas
2018 ... Mike Murphy [and seven others] · "In 2017, the 85th Texas State Legislature passed Senate Bill (S.B.) 2076 with this requirement: 'Not later than December 31, 2018, the Department of Public Safety and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles shall (1) conduct a study on the efficiency and necessity of the titling, including
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Assessing Changes to Federal and State Law for Megaregion Planning. Part 1, Defining Federal Constitutional Powers for Megaregion Planning : Recommendations for Transportation Policy
2018 ... Alexander Hunn & Lisa Loftus-Otway · Federal and state transportation laws form the foundation of domestic transportation policies. However, as currently drafted federal laws are not sufficiently developed to support a megaregion transportation regime and will require a formalized approach to be created so that MPOs and
CM2-2017-01 [CTR] ... CM2-2017-1
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Evaluation of Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks (VANETs) in Connected Transportation Systems
2018 ... Jeffrey Andrews [and six others] · Recognizing the fundamental role of information flow in future transportation applications, the research team investigated the quality and security of information flow in the connected vehicle (CV) environment. The research team identified key challenges and their potential solutions.
DSTOP Report 135 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/135 ... Technical Report (CTR D-STOP), 135
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Cybersecurity Challenges and Pathways in the Context of Connected Vehicle Systems
2018 ... Enoch R. Yeh [and four others] · As vehicles become more automated, security issues in automotive systems such as radar and dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) must be thoroughly examined. This report provides an overview and comparison of the inherent security flaws in automotive radar and DSRC
DSTOP Report 134 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/134 ... Technical Report (CTR D-STOP), 134
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Accommodating a Flexible Response Heterogeneity Distribution in Choice Models of Human Behavior for Transportation Planning
2018 ... Chandra R. Bhat and Patricia S. Lavieri · In this report, we propose a general copula approach to accommodate non-normal continuous mixing distributions in multinomial probit (MNP) models. In particular, we specify a multivariate mixing distribution that allows different marginal continuous parametric distributions for
DSTOP Report 131 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/131 ... Technical Report (CTR D-STOP), 131
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Cooperative Mapping for Automated Vehicles
2017 ... Todd Humphreys [and three others] · Localization is essential for automated vehicles, even for simple tasks such as lanekeeping. Some automated vehicle systems use their sensors to perceive their surroundings on-the-fly, such as the early variants of the Tesla Autopilot, while others such as the Waymo car navigate within a
DSTOP Report 138 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/138 ... Technical Report (CTR D-STOP), 138
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Performance Trade-Off in an Adaptive IEEE 802.11AD Waveform Design for a Joint Automotive Radar and Communication System
2017 ... Preeti Kumari, Duy H. N. Nguyen, and Robert W. Heath, Jr. · The IEEE 802.11ad waveform can be sued for automotive radar by exploiting the Golay complementary sequences in the preamble of a frame. The performance of radar, however, is limited by the preamble structure. In this paper, we propose an adaptive
DSTOP Report 133 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/133 ... Technical Report (CTR D-STOP)
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Imputing Missing Data via Sparse Reconstruction Techniques. Executive Summary
2017 ... Constantine Caramanis · The State of Texas does not currently have an automated approach for estimating volumes for links without counts. This research project proposes the development of an automated system to efficiently estimate the traffic volumes on uncounted links, in the event of rare disturbances of the typical
DSTOP Report 129 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/129 ... Technical Report (CTR D-STOP)
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Large-Scale Linear Programs in Planning and Prediction. Executive Summary
2017 ... Constantine Caramanis · Large-scale linear programs are at the core of many traffic-related optimization problems in both planning and prediction. Moreover, many of these involve significant uncertainty, and hence are modeled using either chance constraints, or robust optimization. Chance constraints and robust
DSTOP Report 128 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/128 ... Technical Report (CTR D-STOP)
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Inverse Multipath Fingerprinting for Millimeter Wave V2I Beam Alignment
2017 ... Vutha Va [and four others] · Efficient beam alignment is a crucial component in millimeter wave systems with analog beamforming, especially in fast-changing vehicular settings. This paper uses the vehicle's position (e.g., available via GPS) to query the multipath fingerprint database, which provides prior knowledge of potential pointing
DSTOP Report 124 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/124 ... Technical Report (CTR D-STOP)
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MmWave Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication : Analysis of Urban Microcellular Networks
2017 ... Yuyang Wang · Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication may provide high data rates to vehicles via millimeter-wave (mmWave) microcellular networks. This report uses stochastic geometry to analyze teh coverage of urban mmWave microcellular networks. Prior work used a pathloss model with a line-of-sight
DSTOP Report 123 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/123 ... Technical Report (CTR D-STOP)
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Self-Parking for Semi-Autonomous Vehicles
2017 ... Sriram Vishwanath · This project focuses on the use of tools from a combination of computer vision and localization based navigation schemes to aid the process of efficient and safe parking of vehicles in high density parking spaces. The principles of collision avoidance, simultaneous localization and mapping together with vision
DSTOP Report 105 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/105 ... Technical Report (CTR D-STOP)
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A Framework to Evaluate the Financial Viability of Urban Public-Private Partnership Projects
[2017] ... by Zhantao Zhang, Chris Sassine, Zhanmin Zhang · As public governments around the world face limited funding capacity for capital-intensive projects, their attention is turned towards the private sector for financing. Public-private partnerships (PPPs) have emerged as an alternative project delivery method in which the
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Methodologies for Assessing Infrastructure Projects under Public-Private Partnerships : From Project Financing to Maintenance Scheduling
[2017] ... by Zhantao Zhang, Zhe Han, Zhanmin Zhang · Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) are gaining increasing popularity and acceptance worldwide in delivering public infrastructure services. A combination of scarcity of public funds, the never-ending quest of private investors for new and profitable investment
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Procedures and Resources for Analyses Related to Public-Private Partnerships
[2017] ... by Zhantao Zhang, Zhe Han, Zhanmin Zhang · The demands for delivering basic infrastructure services keep growing worldwide. However, funding from government and public agencies alone cannot cover the capital needed to operate and maintain existing infrastructures, much less to construct new ones. Public-Private
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Travel Modeling in an Era of Connected and Automated Transportation Systems : An Investigation in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area
2017 ... James Kuhr [and six others (CTR)]; Thomas Bamonte, Arash Mirzaei, Hong Zheng (NCTCOG); Research Supervisor: Chandra Bhat · The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) engaged D-STOP to conduct a planned four-year study to analyze the status and progress of connected/autonomous vehicle (CAV)
DSTOP Report 122 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/122 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 120
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CAMPO-CTR Dynamic Traffic Assignment Interlocal Agreement FY16 Deliverables Submittal
[2016] ... [Jen Duthie and others] · "Part of Task 3 of the contract with CTR is to assist CAMPO by identifying areas for model improvement. This effort was completed through a variety of means. Some of the assistance was provided as a result of direct requests from CAMPO leadership to examine CAMPO’s modeling practices as they
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Online Matching with Queueing Dynamics
2016 ... Subhashini Krishnasamy, Rajat Sen, Ramesh Johari, and Sanjay Shakkottai · We consider a variant of the multiarmed bandit problem where jobs queue for service, and service rates of different servers may be unknown. We study algorithms that minimize queue-regret: the (expected) difference between the queue-lengths
DSTOP Report 127 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/127 ... Technical Report (D-STOP)
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Greedy Subspace Clustering
2016 ... Dohyung Park, Constantine Caramanis, Sujay Sanghavi · We consider the problem of subspace clustering: given points that lie on or near the union of many low-dimensional linear subspaces, recover the subspaces. To this end, one first identifies sets of points close to the same subspace and uses the sets to estimate
DSTOP Report 111 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/111 ... Technical Report (D-STOP)
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Solving a Mixture of Many Random Linear Equations by Tensor Decomposition and Alternating Minimization
[2016] ... Xinyang Yi, Constantine Caramanis, Sujay Sanghavi · We consider the problem of solving mixed random linear equations with k components. This is the noiseless setting of mixed linear regression. The goal is to estimate multiple linear models from mixed samples in the case where the labels (which sample corresponds to
DSTOP Report 109 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/109 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 108
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Low-Cost Precise Positioning for Automated Vehicles : Carrier-Phase Differential GNSS Produces Mass-Market Centimeter Accuracy
2016 ... Todd E. Humphreys; by Matthew J. Murrian [and five others] · Commercial Global Positioning System (GPS) devices are being used in transportation for applications including vehicle navigation, traffic monitoring, and tracking commercial and public transit vehicles. The current state-of-practice technology in GPS devices typically
DSTOP Report 115 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/115 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 115
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Combining Millimeter-Wave Radar and Communication Paradigms for Automotive Applications : A Signal Processing Approach
2016 ... Robert W. Heath Jr.; Junil Choi [and five others] · As driving becomes more automated, vehicles are being equipped with more sensors generating even higher data rates. Radars (RAdio Detection and Ranging) are used for object detection, visual cameras as virtual mirrors, and LIDARs (LIght Detection and Ranging) for
DSTOP Report 106 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/106 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 106
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Improved Traffic Operations through Real-Time Data Collection and Control
2016 ... Stephen Boyles and Michael Levin · Intersections are a major source of delay in urban networks, and reservation-based intersection control for autonomous vehicles has great potential to improve intersection throughput. However, despite the high flexibility in reservations, existing control policies are fairly limited. To
DSTOP Report 108 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/108 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 108
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The Formulation and Estimation of a Spatial Skew-Normal Generalized Ordered-Response Model
2016 ... Chandra R. Bhat, Sebastian Astroza, Amin S. Hambdi · This paper proposes a new spatial generalized ordered response model with skew-normal kernel error terms and an associated estimation method. It contributes to the spatial analysis field by allowing a flexible and parametric skew-normal distribution for the kernel error term
DSTOP Report 117 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/117 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 117
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A Latent Class Multiple Constraint Multiple Discrete-Continuous Extreme Value Model of Time Use and Goods Consumption
2016 ... Chandra R. Bhat [and three others] · This paper develops a microeconomic theory-based multiple discrete continuous choice model that considers: (a) that both goods consumption and time allocations (to work and non-work activities) enter separately as decision variables in the utility function, (b) that both time and money
DSTOP Report 118 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/118 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 118
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SLA Truck Configuration Library Final Report
2016 ... C. Michael Walton [and eleven others] · "Historically, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) State Legislative Affairs (SLA) Section, TxDOT subject matter experts (SME) and the University of Texas – Center for Transportation Research (CTR) and University of Texas – San Antonio (UTSA) researchers have responded to
Walton 2016 [CTR]
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Preparing for Increased Petroleum Prospecting in Tamaulipas, Mexico
2016 ... Dr. Randy B. Machemehl [and seven others] · The state of Tamaulipas is the top oil producing state in Mexico and officials are anticipating a surge in fracking activity in the future. Still in the early stages of unconventional or shale oil and gas production, opportunities can be found in developing the area. This report
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Developing an Infrastructure-Informed Index for Pedestrians and Bicyclists
2016 ... Mallory Necessary · In this report, an infrastructure-informed index is developed for pedestrians and bicyclists to relate the natural and built environment with its impact on perceived travel distance and time. The objective is to develop an easy-to-use metric for use at all levels, allowing transportation planners to make better-
DSTOP Report 116 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/116 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 116
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Final Report, Network Modeling Center
2015 ... Jennifer Duthie [and thirteen others] · · CONTENTS: Executive Summary -- Task A: DTA Model Maintenance -- Task B. DTA Model Improvements -- Task C: Integrating DTA into CAMPO's Modeling Process -- Task D: DTA Coordination Work -- Task E: DTA Applications · "Final Contract Report, Prepared for: CAMPO;
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Transit Demand and Routing after Autonomous Vehicle Availability
2015 ... Stephen Boyles [and four others] · Autonomous vehicles (AVs) create the potential for improvements in traffic operations as well as new behaviors for travelers such as car sharing among trips through driverless repositioning. Most studies on AVs have focused on technology or traffic operations, and the impact of AVs on
DSTOP Report 104 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/104 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 104
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Matrix Completion with Column Manipulation : Near-Optimal Sample-Robustness-Rank Tradeoffs
2015 ... Research supervisor, Constantine Caramanis; Yudong Chen [and three others] · This paper considers the problem of matrix completion when some number of the columns are completely and arbitrarily corrupted, potentially by a malicious adversary. It is well-known that standard algorithms for matrix completion can return
DSTOP Report 110 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/110 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 110
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No Trucks Left Lane
2015 ... Jennifer Zuehlke, Carolina Baumanis, Randy Machemehl · The CTR team was asked by TxDOT to examine the need for restricting trucks from use of the left lane on three urban freeway sections. These include US 183, US 290, and Loop 1 (Mopac). All three sections have at least three lanes in both directions and all three are
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Peak Period Bus Use of Freeway Shoulders
2015 ... Jennifer Zuehlke [and four others] · With an objective of improved bus reliability and reduced travel times, many cities are allowing transit buses to use freeway shoulders to bypass slow or stopped freeway traffic. Safety based protocols are an important part of all buses on shoulders operations. The bus-on-shoulder system in
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A Comprehensive Dwelling Unit Choice Model Accommodating Psychological Constructs within a Search Strategy for Consideration Set Formation
2015 ... Chandra Bhat · This study adopts a dwelling unit level of analysis and considers a probabilistic choice set generation approach for residential choice modeling. In doing so, we accommodate the fact that housing choices involve both characteristics of the dwelling unit and its location, while also mimicking the search process that
DSTOP Report 119 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2015/119 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 119
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A New Spatial (Social) Interaction Discrete Choice Model Accommodating for Unobserved Effects due to Endogenous Network Formation
2015 ... Chandra Bhat · This paper formulates a model that extends the traditional panel discrete choice model to include social/spatial dependencies in the form of dyadic interactions between each pair of decision-makers. In addition, the formulation accommodates spatial correlation effects as well as allows a global spatial structure to be
DSTOP Report 114 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2015/114 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 114
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A New Generalized Heterogeneous Data Model (GHDM) to Jointly Model Mixed Types of Dependent Variables
2015 ... Chandra R. Bhat · This paper formulates a generalized heterogeneous data model (GHDM) that jointly handles mixed types of dependent variables—including multiple nominal outcomes, multiple ordinal variables, and multiple count variables, as well as multiple continuous variables—by representing the covariance relationships
DSTOP Report 113 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2015/113 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 113
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An Empirical Investigation into the Time-use and Activity Patterns of Dual-Earner Couples With and Without Young Children
2015 ... Christina Bernardo, Rajesh Paleti, Megan Hoklas, Chandra Bhat · This paper examines the time-use patterns of adults in dual-earner households with and without children as a function of several individual and household socio-demographics and employment characteristics. A disaggregate activity purpose classification
DSTOP Report 112 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2015/112 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 112
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The Impact of Beamwidth on Temporal Channel Variation in Vehicular Channels and its Implications
2015 ... Vutha Va, Junil Choi, Robert W. Heath Jr. · Millimeter wave (mmWave) has great potential in realizing high data rate thanks to the large spectral channels. It is considered as a key technology for the fifth generation wireless networks and is already used in wireless LAN (e.g., IEEE 802.11ad). Using mmWave for vehicular
DSTOP Report 107 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2015/107 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 107
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On Accommodating Spatial Interactions in a Generalized Heterogeneous Data Model (GHDM) of Mixed Types of Dependent Variables
2015 ... Chandra Bhat, Subodh K. Dubey, Abdul R. Pinjari · We develop an econometric framework for incorporating spatial dependence in integrated model systems of latent variables and multidimensional mixed data outcomes. The framework combines Bhat’s Generalized Heterogeneous Data Model (GHDM) with a spatial
DSTOP Report 120 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/120 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 120
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381 KB
Texas’s Manufacturing Competitiveness
2015 ... Samuel Biscaro, Martha Bohrt, Max Krupp; Project Directors: Michael Bomba, Leigh B. Boske, Robert Harrison · "Texas’s manufacturers and their suppliers and customers depend heavily upon the state’s transportation infrastructure to move raw materials, intermediate goods, and finished products. For this reason, the
Bomba 2015 TPB 1 [CTR] ... Transportation Policy Brief, 2015-1
Full-text Link:
1 MB
Reshoring in Texas : Understanding the Phenomenon
2015 ... Robert Dolan, Jennifer Huffman, Dylan Roberts; Project Directors: Michael Bomba, Leigh B. Boske, Robert Harrison · "Reshoring, or the returning of offshored manufacturing to the United States, is a small component of the nation’s manufacturing sector. Although it is difficult to accurately quantify, Texas is nonetheless competitive (as
Bomba 2015 TPB 2 [CTR] ... Transportation Policy Brief, 2015-2
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1.4 MB
Nearshoring in Mexico : Recent Trends and Relevance to Texas
2015 ... Tracy del Bianco, Maia Draper; Project Directors: Michael Bomba, Leigh B. Boske, Robert Harrison · "As foreign companies increasingly relocate their manufacturing operations to Mexico, the Mexican government and industry are implementing reforms to increase the country’s competitiveness as a global, high-tech manufacturing
Bomba 2015 TPB 3 [CTR] ... Transportation Policy Brief, 2015-3
Full-text Link:
937 KB
Rail and Logistics Hubs : Opportunities for Improvement
2015 ... Maria Monica Villareal, Victoria Wilson; Project Directors: Michael Bomba, Leigh B. Boske, Robert Harrison · "Texas’s cross-border traffic with Mexico is a central issue in the planning of the state’s freight transportation network. Mexico’s recent reshoring activities create the potential for even greater congestion and travel delays.
Bomba 2015 TPB 4 [CTR] ... Transportation Policy Brief, 2015-4
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1.1 MB
Intra-Industry Trade : Transportation Needs of Growing Texas Industries
2015 ... Callie Flynn, Sarah Kline, Avery Saxe; Project Directors: Michael Bomba, Leigh B. Boske, Robert Harrison · "This policy paper describes the changing nature of international trade and its impact on the Texas economy and Texas’s transportation infrastructure. It focuses on automobile manufacturing, which is a growing Texas industry
Bomba 2015 TPB 5 [CTR] ... Transportation Policy Brief, 2015-5
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1.3 MB
Potential Implications of the Trans-Pacific Partnership for Transportation Planning in Texas
2015 ... Beatrice Halbach; Project Directors: Michael Bomba, Leigh B. Boske, Robert Harrison · "The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade agreement currently under negotiation by the United States and 11 other nations, primarily in Southeast Asia and Oceania. This report identified four major implications of the TPP for
Bomba 2015 TPB 6 [CTR] ... Transportation Policy Brief, 2015-6
Full-text Link:
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A New Estimation Approach to Integrate Latent Psychological Constructs in Choice Modeling
2014 ... Chandra Bhat, Subodh K. Dubey · In the current paper, we propose a new multinomial probit-based model formulation for integrated choice and latent variable (ICLV) models, which, as we show in the paper, has several important advantages relative to the traditional logit kernel-based ICLV formulation. Combining this MNP-
DSTOP Report 102 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2014/102 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 102
Full-text Link:
451 KB
The Composite Marginal Likelihood (CML) Inference Approach with Applications to Discrete and Mixed Dependent Variable Models
2014 ... Chandra Bhat · This report presents the basics of the composite marginal likelihood (CML) inference approach, discussing the asymptotic properties of the CML estimator and the advantages and limitations of the approach. The CML inference approach is a relatively simple approach that can be used when the full likelihood
DSTOP Report 101 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2014/101 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 101
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737 KB
Business Process Model / Logical Data Model
[2014] ... Jun Deng [and five others] · "Changing modeling needs over the past few years, spurred by the evolving policy contexts of transportation planning and emerging technologies, have led the planning community to explore tour-based and activity-based modeling paradigms as an alternative to the traditional trip-based modeling
6759-P2/P3 [CTR] ... Product 0-6759-P2; Product 0-6759-P3
Full-text Link:
· https://library.ctr.utexas.edu/ctr-publications/0-6759-P3.zip
568 KB PDF (P2); 1.6 MB ZIP (P3)
Pilot Training Workshop Materials
[2014] ... by: Randy B. Machemehl · "Simple intersection models include diverges, where one incoming link is connected to several outgoing links, and merges, where several incoming links are connected to one outgoing link. Freeway models of exit ramps and on-ramps map directly to LTM diverge and merge concepts. The simplest
6704-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-6704-P1
Full-text Link:
990 KB
TEXAS Model for Intersection Traffic 2000s Animation
[2013] ... [Moboluwaji "Bolu" Sanu and Dr. Thomas W. Rioux; Center for Transportation Research] · Samples animation from the 2005 version of the Center for Transportation Research TEXAS Model for Intersection Traffic (originally developed in 1973). | "In 2005, Dr. Moboluwaji "Bolu" Sanu and Dr. Thomas W. Rioux developed the
Full-text Link:
Guidelines for Proportioning Class P Concrete Containing Manufactured Fine Aggregates & Mixture Proportioning Spreadsheet
[2013] ... by David Whitney, David W. Fowler · "This document provides guidance on using manufactured fine aggregates (MFAs) in class P concrete. The goal is to achieve the desired properties of concrete (workability, strength, and durability) while using MFAs and minimizing paste content. These guidelines present a method for
6255-P3 [CTR] ... Product 0-6255-P3
Full-text Link:
861 KB
Software and Manual for Recording and Analyzing RDD Rolling Sensors
2013 ... by Kenneth H. Stokoe II, June-Su Lee · "As part of the development of the Total Pavement Acceptance Device (TPAD), CTR created post-processing software for calculating the dynamic deflections of the pavement from the output of the rolling dynamic deflectometer (RDD) rolling sensors. To analyze the data, the software performs
6005-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6005-P2
Full-text Link:
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Small Business Inclusion: A Study of TxDOT’s Consultant Procurement Program
2013 ... Khali R. Persad [and four others] · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) sought the services of a public institution of higher education to conduct a study of TxDOT’s professional services contracting program through an Interagency Contract (IAC). The Request for Proposal (RFP) stated that it had come to
Persad 2013 [CTR] ... IAC 48-2XXIA001
Full-text Link:
2.6 MB
Final Training Materials (with Instructor Notes in "notes" section of each PowerPoint slide)
[2013] ... by T. Donna Chen [and four others] · This disc contains 3 PowerPoint presentation files from training webinars held in August 2012 on "The Economics of Transportation Systems." · CONTENTS: Module 1. Introduction to the Reference Movement, Transport, & Location Costs & Benefits of Transportation -- Module 2. Methods for
6628-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6628-P2
Full-text Link:
9.4 MB
User's Manuals for Manufacturers' Components Integrated into the TPAD
[2013] ... Ken Stokoe II, June-Su Lee · Product information and user guides for various components of the TPAD (Total Pavement Acceptance Device). · Publication date based on e-mail from CTR publication department, 2/18/2013.; Title from Texas Department of Transportation memo dated 1/10/2013.; At end of title: "Note: The
6005-P5 [CTR] ... Product 0-6005-P5
Full-text Link:
433 MB *** large file ***
Vehicle Detector Devices
2012 ... Dr. Machemehl, R., Moggan Motamed · "As the need for automatic traffic monitoring increases with the evolution of ITS, market opportunity and application needs urge manufacturers and researchers to develop new technologies and improve existing ones... Current complex traffic situations need more extensive information. To
Machemehl 2012 [CTR]
Full-text Link:
308 KB
Developing a Fundamental Understanding of the Chemistry of Warm Mix Additives. Training Materials
2012 ... By Amit Bhasin, Zelalam Arega · This document contains a group of slides used to present information about TxDOT Project 6591. · CONTENTS: Task 1. Review on state of the art and literature search -- Task 2. Selection of materials, WMA additives, and processes -- Task 3. Chemical and physio-chemical properties -- Task
6591-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6591-P2
Full-text Link:
4.6 MB
Workshop Materials : PowerPoint and Guide
2012 ... by Jennifer Duthie, Fernanda Leite · This CD-ROM contains a PDF "Very Short Duration Operations: Safety Guidebook" and a 55-slide Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) presentation "TxDOT Research Project 0-6640, State of the Practice For Workers in Very Short Duration Work Zone Operations: Educational Module," a workshop
6640-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6640-P2
Full-text Link:
9.8 MB
User Guides for PPMM and GIS for PMIS : Final Report
2012 ... Zhanmin Zhang, Michael R. Murphy, Hui Wu · Part A: "The Pavement Performance and Maintenance Management (PPMM) is a web-based application that aims to use the existing data from the Pavement Management Information Systems (PMIS) database to monitor and analyze current pavement performance. PPMM comprises two
9035-01-P2 [CTR] ... Product 5-9035-01-P2
Full-text Link:
730 KB
PFC Performance Database: without Skid and Crash Data
2012 ... by Andre Smit, Jorge A. Prozzi · "A product of this research study was a database comprising permeable friction course (PFC) projects evaluated as part of the study. The database includes project information as well as material and specific test data collected during the study. This document serves as a data dictionary for the
5836-P1 v.1 [CTR] ... Product 0-5836-P1
Full-text Link:
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Strut-and-Tie Model (STM) Examples for Bridges
[2012] ... by C.S. Williams, Dean Deschenes, Oguzhan Bayrak · This CD-ROM contains six PowerPoint presentations (.pptx files) produced during TxDOT research implementation project 5-5253-01. The combined presentations provide an introduction to strut-and-tie modeling (STM) (When and why and step-by-step design
5253-01-P2 [CTR] ... Product 5-5253-01-P2
Full-text Link:
56.5 MB
Deliverable Background (Document to be embedded in SCI Algorithm) and SCI Analysis Workbook (Excel) -- Training/User's Manual on SCI and Network-level FWD Deflection
[2012] ... By: Mike Murphy, C. Pechlivanidis, Zhanmin Zhang · The Pavement Structural Condition Index (SCI) is a screening tool for pavement maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) decisions at the network-level. · Cataloger's note: No date on CD-ROM. Delivered from press 6/27/2012. kab · Publ. by: University of Texas at
4322-01-P1/P2 [CTR] ... Product 5-4322-01-P1; Product 5-4322-01-P2
Full-text Link:
· https://library.ctr.utexas.edu/digitized/products/5-4322-01-P2.zip
P1: 1.3 MB; P2: 6.2 MB
Freight Logistics and the Panama Canal Expansion
2012 ... Robert Harrison, Center for Transportation Research · This 19-slide presentation summarizes the current import-export situation in Texas and the impact of the Panama Canal expansion on Texas. · Publ. by: University of Texas at Austin. Center for Transportation Research (CTR).
Harrison 2012-Jun [CTR]
Full-text Link:
1.8 MB
Multimodal Freight Database and User Manual
2012 ... By: Dan Seedah [and four others] · "The Multimodal Freight Database is a one-stop shop for Texas freight data. It extracts and consolidates relevant freight data variables from major public databases. Commodity codes are mapped across databases thus providing a user-friendly interface for data search, comparison, and
6297-01-P3 [CTR] ... Product 5-6297-01-P3; Product 0-6297-P3
Full-text Link:
1.2 MB User Manual
Literature Workshop Recommendations (Powerpoint, CD ROM)
[2012] ... by Rob Harrison and Donovan Johnson · This CD-ROM contains two MS PowerPoint presentations from TxDOT Research Project 0-6627 "Mega-Region Freight Issues in Texas : A Synopsis," a one-year study conducted by CTR with TSU. Product P1 is the 20-slide presentation (.pptx) from the Kick-off Meeting; it describes the
6627-P1/P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6627-P1; Product 0-6627-P2
Full-text Link:
· https://ctr.utexas.edu/wp-content/uploads/pubs/0_6627_p2.pdf
1.1 MB; 7.9 MB (PDFs of PowerPoint files)
GIS-based Resources for Selected Demand Response Transit (DRT) Providers Within Texas / Ready-to-Apply Versions of the DRT Accessibility Tool for the Selected DRT Providers Within Texas
2011 ... By: Chandra Bhat · "This comprehensive guide provides all of the information necessary to effectively use the Demand Response Transit (DRT) Accessibility Tool, including background literature, underlying methodology, and step-by-step instructions. The DRT Accessibility Tool was developed to provide the Texas
5178-03-P1/P2 [CTR] ... Product 5-5178-03-P1; Product 5-5178-03-P2
Full-text Link:
User Guide: 8.6 MB; See detail record or ask librarian about additional files
Pilot Workshop and Materials (CD ROM)
2011 ... by Jennifer Duthie and Travis Waller · This CD-ROM contains the Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) file containing a 215-slide presentation for the "Roundabout Evaluation and Design Workshop" prepared by CTR and Kittelson & Associates, Inc. for the Texas Department of Transportation. The objectives of the workshop were to
6414-P3 [CTR] ... Product 0-6414-P3
Full-text Link:
11.7 MB
Workshop Summary [Revamping Aggregate Property Requirements for Portland Cement Concrete]
2011 ... Authors: Dr. David W. Fowler, David P. Whitney, John "Chris" Clement, Zachary Stutts · "TxDOT Project 0-6617 scheduled a workshop on June 22, 2011 at the Pickle Research Campus in Austin, Texas to provide the researchers the opportunity to gather from the experience of TxDOT personnel, a retired representative from the
6617-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-6617-P1
Full-text Link:
150 KB, Summary only
Texas Pavement Preservation Center Two-year Summary Report
2011 ... Dr. Yetkin Yildirim, TPPC Director · "The following report compiles eight newsletters published by the Texas Pavement Preservation Center from the year 2009 to 2011 in addition to fifteen newsletters published in the 4-year report. These newsletters include summaries and reports from various pavement preservation seminars and
Yildirim TPPC 2011 [CTR] ... TPPC Summary Report 2011
Full-text Link:
5.9 MB
Panama Canal Expansion and Trade Routes : CTR 2011 Annual Symposium [Presentation]
2011 ... Rodolfo Sabonge · Video of the presentation given by keynote speaker Mr. Rodolfo Sabonge at the April 6, 2011, Center for Transportation Annual Symposium. · Video also available in 5 parts on YouTube: vhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiiPreDe1s0 · Publ. by: University of Texas at Austin. Center for
CTR CDROM 2011-1 [CTR]
Full-text Link:
Vimeo video
Small Pull-Out Test Procedure : Wide-Width Tensile Strength Test Procedure (and Other Items on DVD)
2010 ... By: Jorge Zornberg · This DVD-ROM contains a detailed description of the small pullout test equipment and test procedures [MS Word document]. It also contains individual videos of the several steps of the test procedure. · CONTENTS: "Training Material, Small Pullout Test Procedure, Wide-Width Tensile Strength Test
4829-01-P3 [CTR] ... Product 5-4829-01-P3
Full-text Link:
Mixture Proportioning Worksheet for Proportioning Class P Concrete Containing MFA
2010 ... by Mark Rached, David W. Fowler, David Whitney · The guidelines described in this document aim at providing guidance on how manufactured fine aggregates (MFAs) can be used in Class P concrete. The goal is achieve the desired properties of concrete (workability, strength, and durability) while using MFAs and minimizing
6255-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6255-P2
Full-text Link:
· https://ctr.utexas.edu/wp-content/uploads/pubs/0_6255_P2_pro_wksheet.xls
616 KB PDF+262 KB spreadsheet
VB files for Gravity-Land Use Model & data sets
2010 ... by Kara Kockelman, Binny Paul, Brenda Zhou · The CD-ROM contains the GUI Code for G-LUM and the Matlab Code with Austin, San Antonio, and Waco datasets. · Publ. by: University of Texas at Austin. Center for Transportation Research (CTR).
5667-01-P2 [CTR] ... Product 5-5667-01-P2
Full-text Link:
15.8 MB ZIP file
ConcreteWorks Source Code
2010 ... Kevin Folliard and Kyle Riding · The ConcreteWorks suite of software includes ConcreteWorks and MixProportions. The ConcreteWorks program currently can calculate mass concrete temperature development, ASR susceptibility, and DEF susceptibility. ConcreteWorks has six built in mass concrete member temperature prediction
6332-P3 [CTR] ... Product 0-6332-P3
Full-text Link:
No online resource supplied by publisher
UT Lift 1.1
2010 ... by Jason Stith [and four others] · The purpose of this spreadsheet is to provide a tool and give information to an engineer when deciding the safety of lifting a horizontally curved steel I-girder with one crane and two lift clamps. The spreadsheet has been developed to indicate the necessary inputs and highlight the calculated
5574-01-P1 [CTR] ... Product 5-5574-01-P1
Full-text Link:
Now version 1.3 (accessed 11/23/2015)
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