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Computerized Method of Projecting Rehabilitation and Maintenance Requirements Due to Vehicle Loading: Summary of Research Report 298/312-1 Volume 4 User Manual for RENU Program
1981 ... Alberto Garcia-Diaz [and four others] · This volume contains the user instructions for program RENU. The program provides a methodology for determining the effects of changes in truck size, weight, and configuration on pavement performance and for relating these effects to pavement maintenance and rehabilitation needs and costs.
298/312-1 vol.4 F Summary [TTI/CTR] ... PSR 0-298/312-1 vol.4 F(S) ... Summary Report (Center for
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Determination of In Situ Shear Wave Velocities From Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves: Summary of Research Report 256-2
1982 ... J. Scott Heisey [and three others] · Pavement life is usually defined as the length of service of the pavement system before maintenance or rehabilitation is required. Estimates of remaining life as well as appropriate remedial measures are based on elastic moduli of the various pavement materials. Young's elastic
256-2 Summary [CTR] ... 3-8-80-256-2 S; 0-256-2S ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation
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Comparison of the Falling Weight Deflectometer and the Dynaflect for Pavement Evaluation: Summary of Research Report 256-1
1982 ... Bary Eagleson [and four others] · Research Report 256-1 is the first report describing work done on project 3-8-80-256, "The Study of New Technologies for Pavement Evaluation." It presents the results of an analytical study undertaken to determine the best model for pavement evaluation using the criteria of cost,
256-1 summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-256-1(S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 256-1
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Influence of a Steel Casing on the Axial Capacity of a Drilled Shaft: Summary of Research Report 255-1F
1982 ... Mark J. Owens and Lymon C. Reese · A series of field load tests were performed to investigate the effects on the axial capacity of drilled shafts when casings could not be pulled. The tests show that leaving casing in place is detrimental, but grouting proved an effective remedial measure when the casing was placed in an oversized
255-1 F Summary [CTR] ... 0-255-1 F(S); PSR ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research),
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Texas Freeze-Thaw Pedestal Test for Evaluating Moisture Susceptibility for Asphalt Mixtures: Summary of Research Report 253-3
1982 ... Thomas W. Kennedy [and three others] · Research Report 253-3 is the third in a series of reports describing the findings of Research Project 3-9-79-253, "Moisture Effects of Asphalt Mixtures." This report includes a discussion of the development of the Texas Freeze-Thaw Pedestal Texas for evaluating moisture susceptibility of
253-3 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-253-3(S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 253-3
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Evaluation of the Asphaltene Settling Test: Summary Report
1981 ... Thomas W. Kennedy and Chee-Chong Lin · Research Report 253-2 summarizes the findings and conclusions of an evaluation of the asphaltene settling test. It is the second in a series of reports which describe work performed for Research Project 3-9-79-253, "Moisture Effects on Asphalt Mixtures." · Publ. by: University of
253-2 Summary [CTR] ... 0-253-2 (S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 253-2
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Use of Road Profile Statistics for Maysmeter Calibration: Summary of Research Report 251-1
1982 ... David W. McKenzie, W. Ronald Hudson and C.E. Lee · Research Report 251-1 is the first report presenting results from Research Project 3-8-79-251, "Deployment of a Digital Road Profilometer." The study has two primary objectives: (1) to provide continuing support to the Texas State Department of Highways and Public Transportation
251-1 Summary [CTR] ... 0-251-1 (S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 251-1
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Effect of Environmental Factors and Loading Position on Dynaflect Deflections in Rigid Pavements: Summary of Research Report 249-4
1982 ... Victor Torres-Verdin and B. Frank McCullough · Research Report 249-4 is the fourth in a series of reports which describe work done on Project 3-8-79-249, "Implementation of Rigid Pavement Overlay and Design System." This report discusses several of the factors that affect Dynaflect deflections in rigid pavements and provides a
249-4 Summary [CTR] ... 0-249-4 (S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 249-4
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Analysis of Drilled-Shaft Foundations for Overhead-Sign Structures: Summary of Research Report 244-2F
1982 ... Gerald Lowe and Lymon C. Reese · Research Report 244-2F concerns the design of drilled-shaft foundations for use with Overhead Sign Bridges. Design procedures for single and double-shaft systems are presented, with attention given to the effects of soil-structure and structure-structure interaction. · "The Research
244-2 F Summary [CTR] ... 0-244-2 F(S); PSR ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research),
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Evaluation of the Dynamic Arterial-Responsive Traffic System (DARTS). Summary Report
1982 ... Clyde E. Lee · A means for coordinating the timing of traffic-actuated signal controllers at intersections along an arterial route is needed so that progressive movement can be provided when justified, but so that normal functioning of the local controller will not be affected during those periods of time when progression for arterial
243-1 F Summary [CTR] ... 0-243-1F(S) Report ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research),
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An Assessment of the Enforcement of Truck Size and Weight Limitations in Texas: Summary of Research Report 241-6F
1983 ... C. Michael Walton and Chien-pei Yu · The primary purpose of Report 241-6F was to study and discuss the economic impact on the state of Texas made by the movement of oversize-overweight trucks on the state's highways. A 100 percent compliance case was set up in order to provide comparison with actual case data. · Publ.
241-6 F Summary [CTR] ... Report 0-241-6F(S); PSR ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation
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Truck Weight Shifting Methodology for Predicting Highway Loads: Summary of Research Report 241-5
1983 ... C. Michael Walton, Chien-pei Yu, and Paul Ng · One important element in the assessment of impacts due to change in legal truck weight limits is the prediction of the shifting of future truck weight distribution as affected by the change. A number of methodologies have been developed for this purpose. However, with the availability of
241-5 summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-241-5(S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 0-241
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An Assessment of Recent State Truck Size and Weight Studies: Summary of Research Report 241-4
1982 ... C. Michael Walton [and three others] · Research Report 241-4 is a compilation of material from vehicle size and weight studies undertaken by separate states. It is part of a series of studies conducted by the Center for Transportation Research to assess the areas that are affected by the 1974 and 1976 amendments to the Federal Aid
241-4 Summary [CTR] ... 241-4 (S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 0-241-4
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An Assessment of Changes in Truck Dimensions on Highway Geometric Design Principles and Practices: Summary of Research Report 241-2
1981 ... C. Michael Walton and Ogilvie Gericke · In Texas, a study is underway to evaluate some of the effects of operating larger and heavier vehicles on the highway system. Initial results, using a study technique modified from NCHRP Report 141, showed estimated pavement costs, bridge costs, truck operating cost savings, and fuel savings
241-2 summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-241-2(S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 0-241
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Summary and Recommendations for the Implementation of Rigid Pavement Design, Construction and Rehabilitation Techniques
1981 ... B.F. McCullough, W.R. Hudson and C.S. Noble · In order to explain observations of significantly different performances for many of the rigid pavements in Texas, a quantitative evaluation was required to relate distress mechanisms to distress manifestation and to develop better predictors of performance. In theory, if all variables
177-22 F Summary [CTR] ... 0-177-22F-S
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Manual for Condition Survey of Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements Summary Report
1981 ... Arthur Taute and B. Frank McCullough · A large portion of the Interstate highways of Texas is paved with continuously reinforced concrete pavement (CRCP). Some of these highways were constructed during the early phases of the Interstate program and others at a later date, and, thus, the pavement ages vary considerably and
177-19 Summary [CTR] ... 0-177-19(S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research)
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