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Documentation for CNG Fleet Conversion Cost-Effectiveness Model


1992 ... by Dean Taylor, Mark Euritt, and Hani Mahmassani This report summarizes a study conducted by The University of Texas at Austin Center for Transportation Research for the Texas Department of Transportation that "sought to evaluate the economic feasibility of using [natural gas or alternative fuel having similar emissions

983-1 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 7-983-1(S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 983-1(s)

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Mix Design Procedures and Considerations for Polymer-Modified Asphalt Compatibility and Stability


1994 ... prepared by Ray Donley III This is a summary of report 492-1. CTR "undertook this research project to determine whether asphalt pavement performance can be improved through polymer modification of the asphalt binder. The overall goal was to improve the mechanical properties of binders to reduce the occurrence of particular

492-1 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-492-1(S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 492-1(s)

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Field Evaluation of Stripping and Moisture Damage in Asphalt Pavements Treated with Lime and Antistripping Agents


1992 ... by Ming-Jen Liu and Thomas W. Kennedy Report 441-2 summarized the results of field evaluation of the effectiveness of lime and various antistripping additives using the following methods: (a) Modified Lottman Method (TEX-531-C) and (b) Boiling Test (TEX-530-C). This summary not only summarize the report but the study itself.

441-2 Summary [CTR] ... 441-2(S) ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 441-2(s)

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Quality of Traffic Service: Summary Report


1982 ... Siamak Ardekani and Robert Herman The Two-Fluid Model of Town Traffic has been used in this study to model the quality of traffic service in the central traffic networks of Austin and Dallas. The Two-Fluid Model is based on the view that traffic consists of two fluids, one consisting of the moving vehicles and the other, the vehicles

304-1(S) [CTR] ... 304-1 Summary ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 304-1

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Effect of Transverse Strand Extensions on the Behavior of Precast Prestressed Panel Bridges: Summary Report


1982 ... L.A. Bieschke and R.E. Klingner One of the newer types of composite bridge construction includes the use of precast prestressed concrete panels which span between longitudinal girders and act as formwork and base for the cast-in-place deck. Publ. by: University of Texas at Austin. Center for Transportation Research (CTR).

303-1 F(S) [CTR] ... 0-303-1F Summary ... Summary Report (Center for Transportation Research), 303-1F

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