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Equipment Replacement/Retention Decision Making : Final Report


2015 ... Wei Fan [and nine others] The TxDOT vehicle fleet is a fundamental part of the departmental infrastructure, enabling many activities essential to accomplishing the daily departmental operations. Maintenance of a robust vehicle fleet is essential but costly. On one hand, reductions in fleet costs are potentially beneficial to

6693-1 [UT Tyler] ... FHWA/TX-15/0-6693-1

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0-6693, Equipment Replacement/Retention Decision Making


2015 ... Research Performed by: The University of Texas at Tyler and the Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Wei Fan, UT Tyler; Researchers: Elias Haile [and seven others] "Maintenance of a robust vehicle fleet is essential but costly. Reductions in fleet costs are potentially beneficial to the department as a whole

6693 Summary [UT Tyler] ... PSR 0-6693-S ... Project Summary Report

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Real-time Optimization of Passenger Collection for Commuter Rail Systems


2014 ... by Yao Yu, Rand Machemehl and Shadi Hakimi Commuter rail systems are being introduced into many urban areas as an alternative mode to automobiles for commuting trips. The shift from the auto mode to rail mode is anticipated to greatly help alleviate traffic congestion in urban road networks. However, the right-of-way of many

2014-600451-00082-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/14/600451-00082-1

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Using Real Time Traveler Demand Data to Optimize Commuter Rail Feeder Systems


2012 ... by Yao Yu and Randy Machemehl This report focuses on real time optimization of the Commuter Rail Circulator Route Network Design Problem (CRCNDP). The route configuration of the circulator system where to stop and the route among the stops is determined on a real-time basis by employing adaptive Tabu Search to

2012-476660-00078-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/12/476660-00078-1

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Examining the Role of Trip Length in Commuter Decisions to Use Public Transportation


2010 ... Yao Yu and Randy Machemehl Traveler trip length has for years been used as a fundamental indicator of the best mix of transit modes and user perceptions of travel cost for transit versus auto. This study examines traveler trip lengths across transit modes, work trip duration frequency distributions and mode share distributions in

2010- 476660-00074-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/10/476660-00074-1

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