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SLA Truck Configuration Library Final Report
2016 ... C. Michael Walton [and eleven others] · "Historically, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) State Legislative Affairs (SLA) Section, TxDOT subject matter experts (SME) and the University of Texas – Center for Transportation Research (CTR) and University of Texas – San Antonio (UTSA) researchers have responded to
Walton 2016 [CTR]
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0-6713, Quantitative Relationship between Safety and Reduced Roadway Condition Maintenance
[2016] ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Zhanmin Zhang; Researchers: Kan Long, Hui Wu, Mike Murphy · "The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is responsible for the maintenance of over 195,000 lane miles of highways, which substantially consists of pavements designed in
6713 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6713-S ... Project Summary
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Implementing the freight transportation data architecture : Data Element Dictionary
2015 ... C. Michael Walton [and twelve others] · This report "provides the findings of the research effort to develop a freight data dictionary for organizing the myriad freight data elements currently in use. The research identifies differences in data element definitions and methods for bridging those differences where appropriate. A
NCFRP Report 35 [CTR] ... NCFRP Report 35 ... Report (National Cooperative Freight Research Program -
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Bid Price Analysis Tool
[2015] ... Amit Kumar Singh, Khali Persad, Mike Murphy, Hui Wu · Before letting any project, engineers at Texas Department of Transportation have to estimate unit bid prices for winning bidder. Our team at the Center for Transportation Research, UT Austin has created a tool which can be used for plan estimate development to achieve
Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Singh
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Optimizing Environmental Sensor Station (ESS) Location through Weather-Sensitive Hotspot Analysis
[2015] ... Jia Li, Amit Kumar Singh, Hui Wu, C. Michael Walton · Optimizing environmental sensor station (ESS) location is a central task in roadside weather information system (RWIS) design and planning. In this paper, we propose a data-driven approach for optimizing region-wide ESS locations. The idea lies in identifying crash hotspots
Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Li
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Empirical Bayes Before-After Study on Safety Effect of Narrow Pavement Widening Projects in Texas
[2015] ... Hui Wu, Zhe Han, Michael R. Murphy, Zhanmin Zhang · Texas has approximately 40,000 lane miles of two-lane farm-to-market (FM) and ranch-to-market (RM) roads with total paved widths of 18 to 22 ft, most of which are in rural areas. The main reasons for roadway widening are usually to improve safety, increase structural
Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Wu
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GIS Tools for Displaying 4-year Plan Projects
[2015] ... Presenters: Zhe Han, Hui Wu, Michael R. Murphy, Khali R. Persad, Zhanmin Zhang · TxDOT District Pavement Engineer develops a 4-year plan for their District each year based on PMIS data and other criteria, and usually meets with the Area Engineers to finalize the 4-year plans. The mapping tool visualizes PMIS database and
Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Han
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Pavement management, 2014. Volume 1
2014 ... [various authors] · "No. 2455 Pavement Management 2014, Vol. 1 consists of 10 papers that summarize the use of system dynamics to understand long-term impact of climate change on pavement performance and maintenance cost; Florida's return on investment from pavement research and development; safety impacts of skid
TRR 2455 ... TRR 2455 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR)
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Flexible Pavement Narrow Widening Best Practices and Lessons Learned
2014 ... Maria Burton [and six others] · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has experienced problems with construction quality and performance on narrow widening projects (i.e., projects that notch and widen pavement to increase lane width 2?8 ft or add a 2- to 5-ft shoulder). Texas has approximately 64,000 lane-
6748-2 / P1 / P3 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-14/0-6748-2; Product 0-6748-P1; Product 0-6748-P3
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0-6748, Best Practice for Flexible Pavement Structure Widening Projects
[2014] ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Mike Murphy; Researchers: Maria Burton · "The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has experienced problems with construction quality and performance on narrow widening projects (e.g., adding a 2- to 5-ft shoulder)... due to
6748 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6748-S ... Project Summary Report
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Quantitative Relationship between Crash Risks and Pavement Skid Resistance
2014 ... Kan Long, Hui Wu, Zhanmin Zhang, Mike Murphy · Faced with continuously increasing maintenance due to aging infrastructure, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is evaluating the potential impact of reduced funding on highway safety. The main objective of this report is to develop a methodological procedure to
6713-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6713-1
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Evaluation of Texas Condition Assessment Program and Recommendations for Improvement
2013 ... Hui Wu · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) uses the Texas Condition Assessment Program (TxCAP) to measure and compare the overall road maintenance conditions among its 25 districts. Statistical analyses were carried out to evaluate the effectiveness of TxCAP and its sampling process. A case study
Poster 2013 CTR Symp: Wu
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User Guides for PPMM and GIS for PMIS : Final Report
2012 ... Zhanmin Zhang, Michael R. Murphy, Hui Wu · Part A: "The Pavement Performance and Maintenance Management (PPMM) is a web-based application that aims to use the existing data from the Pavement Management Information Systems (PMIS) database to monitor and analyze current pavement performance. PPMM comprises two
9035-01-P2 [CTR] ... Product 5-9035-01-P2
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