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Maintenance Services, Transportation Weather, and Winter Maintenance
2017 ... [various authors] · "This issue contains ten papers concerned with maintenance services, weather, and winter maintenance. Specific topics addressed in this issue include the following: ice melting capacity; relating public opinion of roadway assets to field data; project prioritization; grouping of pavement and bridge projects;
TRR 2613 ... TRR 2613 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2613
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Pavement management, 2014. Volume 1
2014 ... [various authors] · "No. 2455 Pavement Management 2014, Vol. 1 consists of 10 papers that summarize the use of system dynamics to understand long-term impact of climate change on pavement performance and maintenance cost; Florida's return on investment from pavement research and development; safety impacts of skid
TRR 2455 ... TRR 2455 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR)
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