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Improved Correlation between Texas Cone Penetrometer Blow Count and Undrained Shear Strength of Soft Clays
2009 ... David A. Varathungarajan, Scott M. Garfield and Stephen G. Wright · The objective of this project was to develop an improved correlation between Texas Cone Penetrometer (TCP) blow count and undrained shear strength for soft, clay soils in the upper approximately 30 feet of the ground. Subsurface explorations were carried out by
5824-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-09/ 0-5824-1
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Characterization of Undrained Shear Strength Profiles for Soft Clays at Six Sites in Texas
2009 ... David A. Varathungarajan, Scott M. Garfield and Stephen G. Wright · TxDOT frequently uses Texas Cone Penetrometer (TCP) blow counts to estimate undrained shear strength. However, the current correlations between TCP resistance and undrained shear strength have been developed primarily for significantly stronger soils than are
5824-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-09/ 0-5824-2
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Correlation of Shallow, Low Blow Count Texas Cone Penetrometer Values and Shear Strength for Texas Soils
2008 ... Stephen G. Wright, Scott M. Garfield and David A. Varathungarajan · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) routinely performs Texas Cone Penetrometer (TCP) tests as part of soil site investigations. Often data from these tests are the only data available for estimating soil undrained shear strengths for preliminary
5824 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-5824-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5824
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Numerical Modeling of Narrow MSE Walls with Extensible Reinforcements
2008 ... Stephen G. Wright, Kuo-Hsin Yang and Jorge G. Zornberg · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is experiencing wider use of Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls placed adjacent to an existing stable wall. In numerous cases, the space (width) available for the new wall is less than the width established in
5506-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-08/0-5506-2
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The Fully Softened Shear Strength of High Plasticity Clays
2007 ... Jorge G. Zornberg, Stephen G. Wright and Jennifer E. Aguettant · Previous research has shown that cyclic wetting and drying can reduce the shear strength of compacted highly plastic clays to the fully softened shear strength. Consolidated-undrained triaxial testing procedures were used to determine the fully softened shear
5202-3 [CTR] ... 0-5202-3
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Determination of Field Suction Values, Hydraulic Properties, and Shear Strength in High PI Clays
2007 ... Jorge G. Zornberg, Jeffrey Kuhn and Stephen Wright · Moisture infiltration into highway embankments constructed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) using high Plasticity Index (PI) clays results in changes in shear strength and in flow pattern that leads to recurrent slope failures. In addition, soil cracking over
5202-1 [CTR] ... 0-5202-1
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Design Considerations for MSE Retaining Walls Constructed in Confined Spaces
2007 ... Kenneth T. Kniss, Stephen G. Wright, Kuo-Hsin Yang and Jorge Zornberg · Widening of existing highways often results in new mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls being placed in front of existing stable walls. The design of these walls is unique because limited right-of-way often forces the length of the reinforcing strips to be
5506-1 [CTR] ... 0-5506-1
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Design of MSE Retaining Walls Placed in Front of a Stable Face
2007 ... RS: Stephen G. Wright; Researchers: Ken Kniss, Kuo-Hsin Yang and Jorge Zornberg · Widening of existing highways often results in new mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls being placed in front of existing walls or slopes. The design of these walls is unique because limited right-of-way often forces the length of the
5506 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-5506-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5506
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Determination of Field Suction Values in High PI Clays for Various Surface Conditions and Drain Installations
2007 ... RS: Jorge G. Zornberg; Researchers: Jennie Aguettant, Jeffrey Kuhn, Stephen Wright · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has experienced problems with recurrent failures in embankments constructed using highly plastic clays, which has led to significant maintenance costs. In response to these failures,
5202 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-5202-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5202
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Evaluation of Non-Nuclear Methods for Compaction Control
2006 ... Ellen M. Rathje [and five others] · This study evaluated currently available, non-nuclear devices as potential replacements for the nuclear gauge for soil compaction control. Devices based on impact methods, electrical methods, and stiffness methods were identified and evaluated through two field studies and two laboratory
4835-1 [CTR] ... 0-4835-1
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Assessment of Rapid Methods for Density Control of MSE Walls and Embankments
2006 ... RS: Ellen Rathje; Researchers: Kenneth Stokoe, Stephen Wright · The performance of earth retaining walls and embankments is predominantly controlled by the engineering properties of the backfill. To ensure that the backfill has adequate properties, the soil is compacted to achieve a specified minimum dry unit weight and a water
4835 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-4835-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-4835
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Design of Multi-Tiered Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MMSE) Walls
2006 ... Stephen G. Wright · Existing Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and American Association of State Highway Officials’ (AASHTO) design guidelines for single- and multi-tiered mechanically stabilized earth (MMSE) walls, as well as general limit equilibrium approaches, were reviewed and evaluated. The variables and
4485 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-4485-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-4485
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Evaluation of Soil Shear Strengths for Slope and Retaining Wall Stability Analyses with Emphasis on High Plasticity Clays
2006 ... Stephen G. Wright · A number of TxDOT-sponsored studies and research projects have been conducted over the years regarding shear strength and slope stability issues of embankments. These projects span approximately 15 years, and each developed relationships and theories for soil strength relationships in different
1874-01-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-06/5-1874-01-1
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Design Guidelines for Multi-Tiered MSE Walls
2005 ... Steohen G. Wright · TxDOT is experiencing wider use of multi-tiered MSE and Concrete Block retaining walls. These walls often involve loads and geometric configurations that are different from the ones for which current FHWA and AASHTO design guidelines were developed. Accordingly, the current research project was
4485-2 [CTR] ... 0-4485-2
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An Examination of Design Procedures for Single- and Multi-Tier Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
2004 ... Wade N. Osborne and Stephen G. Wright · Current AASHTO and FHWA design guidelines for MSE walls are with particular emphasis on multi-tiered wall systems. Current software including the MSEW 2.0 design software and the general-purpose slope stability software known as UTEXAS4 are also examined with emphasis placed on
4485-1 [CTR] ... 0-4485-1
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Recommended Compaction Requirements for Placement of Uniform Fine Sand Backfill Materials
2002 ... Stephen G. Wright, Brad J. Arcement, and Eric R. Marx · · Publ. by: University of Texas at Austin. Center for Transportation Research (CTR).
1874 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-1874-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-1874
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Evaluation of Laboratory Compaction Procedures for Specification of Densities for Compacting Fine Sands
2001 ... by Brad J. Arcement, Stephen G. Wright · TxDOT utilizes a number of sources of cohesionless soils as fill materials for embankment construction and as backfill for mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls. Some problems have been experienced with these materials in the past, especially with settlements of backfills behind
1874-1 F [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-02/1874-1
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Shear Strength Correlations and Remedial Measure Guidelines for Long Term Stability of Slopes Constructed of Highly Plastic Clay Soils
1997 ... by A.A. Saleh and Stephen G. Wright · The Texas Department of Transportation has experienced many small slides in earth embankments that are constructed of highly plastic clays. The purpose of this report is to address several issues related to design of new slopes and evaluation of remedial measures to repair slides in
1435-2 F [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-98/1435-2F
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Charts for Remediation of Highly Plastic Clay Embankments in Texas
1997 ... by Jeffrey Alan Fippin and S.G. Wright · Clay embankments along Texas highways have been prone to shallow slope failures that ocur a number of years after construction. Typical embankments that have failed are constructed of highly plastic clays, with heights ranging from 3 to 9 m (10 to 30 ft) and their side slopes at 2:1 or
1435-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-98/1435-1; CTR 0-1435-1
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Investigation of Long-Term Strength Properties of Paris and Beaumont Clays in Earth Embankments
1991 ... by Mohamad K. Kayyal and Stephen G. Wright · Shallow slope failures in compacted highly plastic clay embankments have been a common problem along Texas highways. Recent studies had shown that shallow slides might be the result of cyclic wetting and drying that takes place in the field. The purpose of this study was to
1195-2 F [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-92+1195-2F; CTR 3-8-89/1-1195-2F
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Numerical Modeling of the Response of Cylindrical Specimens of Clay to Drying
1991 ... by Douglas O'Neal Bell, Stephen G. Wright · Previous research has indicated that the rate at which soil dries influences the incidence and severity of cracking in soil. Cracking of soil is caused by tensile stresses created by unequal shrinkage strains which develop because the soil surface dries more quickly than the interior of the soil.
1195-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-92+1195-1; CTR 3-8-89/1-1195-1; [0-1195-1]
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User's Guide : UTEXAS2 Slope-Stability Package. Volume 1, User's Manual
1987 ... by Earl V. Edris Jr. and Stephen G. Wright · This report is the user's guide volume of the UTEXAS2 (University of Texas Analysis of Slopes - version 2) slope-stability package. This package describes a slope-stability program which can calculate the factor of safety by Spencer's method, simplified Bishop's procedure, force
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers GL-87-1 vol.1 ... U.S. Army Corps of Engineers GL-87-1 vol.1 ... Instruction
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An Examination of Slope Stability Computation Procedures for Sudden Drawdown
1987 ... by Stephen G. Wright and J.M. Duncan · 'Sudden' or 'rapid' drawdown is considered to occur when reservoir or other adjacent water levels are lowered at such a rate that little or no drainage occurs in an earth slope at the time the water level is being lowered. Slope stability analyses are routinely performed to calculate the
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers GL-87-25 ... U.S. Army Corps of Engineers GL-87-25 ... Miscellaneous Paper
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Review of Undrained Shear Strength Testing Methods Used by the Texas State Department of Highways and Public Transportation
1987 ... by Edward S. O'Malley, Stephen G. Wright · This report presents the results of a study conducted to evaluate the various laboratory test methods used by the Texas State Department of Highwyas and Public Transportation for determining the undrained shear strengths of clays. Shear tests were performed using the
446-1 F [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-88+446-1F; CTR 3-5-85-446-1F; Report 0-446-1F
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Evaluation and Development of P-Y Based Procedures for Analysis of "Short" Drilled Shafts Subjected to Lateral Loads
1986 ... by Christopher W. Swan, Stephen G. Wright · This report presents the results of theoretical studies performed to understand and be able to predict better the response of "short" drilled shafts. A "short" drilled shaft has been defined as a shaft which undergoes less than two points of zero deflection when subjected to lateral loads.
415-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-87/43+415-1; CTR 3-5-85-415-1; 0-415-1
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The Effects of Wetting and Drying on the Long-Term Shear Strength Parameters for Compacted Beaumont Clay
1986 ... by Laura E. Rogers, Stephen G. Wright · This report describes results of a series of laboratory tests performed to understand better the strength properties of highly plastic clays used in the construction of embankments in Texas. Previous studies showed that such embankments failed by sliding many years (10-30) after
436-2 F [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-87/40+436-2F; CTR 3-8-85-436-2; Report 0-436-2F
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Factors Affecting the Long Term Strength of Compacted Beaumont Clay
1986 ... by Roger Green and Stephen G. Wright · This report describes results of an ongoing study of the stability of embankments constructed of highly plastic clays in Texas. Previous studies showed that such embankments failed by sliding many (10-30) years after construction and that the apparent shear strengths were substantially
436-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-87/39+436-1; CTR 3-8-85-436-1; 0-436-1
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Stability Computation Procedures for Earth Slopes Containing Internal Reinforcement
1986 ... Stephen G. Wright and Fernando Cuenca · This report presents the fundamental limit equilibrium slope stability equations required to compute the stability of earth slopes containing synthetic reinforcement ("geogrids"). The limit equilibrium equations were incorporated into a computer program, UTEXAS2, which was then used to
435-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-87/45+435-1; CTR 3-8-85-435-1; 0-435-1
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Example Problems for Slope Stability Computations with the Computer Program UTEXAS
1984 ... Stephen G. Wright and James D. Roecker · A series of seven example slope stability problems for the computer program, UTEXAS, is presented. The example problems consist of (1) a simple slope, (2) an embankment on a very strong foundation, (3) an embankment on a relatively weak foundation, (4) an excavated slope, (5) an
353-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-85/52+353-2; CTR 3-8-83-353-2; 0-353-2
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An Examination of Earth Slope Failures in Texas
1984 ... Peter A. Stauffer and Steohen G. Wright · Slope stability problems encountered by the Texas State Department of Highways and Public Transportation have been identified and examined. Problems have been encountered with cut and natural slopes, embankment foundations, and the embankment slopes themselves. The
353-3 F [CTR] ... Report 0-353-3F
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Initial Laboratory Study of the Shear Strength Properties of Compacted, Highly Plastic Clays Used for Highway Embankment Construction in the Area of Houston, Texas
1984 ... Alexander W. Gourlay and Stephen G. Wright · This report presents the results of the first series of tests performed to measure the long-term strength properties of "Beaumont" clay. The soil tested in this study was taken from several embankments which have experienced slope failures in District 12 of the Texas State Department of
Gourlay [CTR]
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Embankment Slope Failure Problems in District 12
1984 ... Frank Y. Wadlington · Prepared by State Department of Highways and Public Transportation | Numerous embankment slope failures occurring in District 12 have prompted a need for reviewing the current design criteria, and remedial actions taken, as a means of solving the problem of embankment failures. · "May 1984"; Includes,
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UTEXAS (University of Texas Analysis of Slopes): A Computer Program for Slope Stability Calculations
1984 ... Stephen G. Wright and James D. Roecker · A general purpose computer program has been developed for the Texas State Department of Highways and Public Transportation for use in performing slope stability calculations. The computer program includes a number of improvements over a previous computer program
353-1 [CTR] ... 0-353-1
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[Report on Research and Interim Recommendations for Embankment Slope Design in District 12] : Technical Memorandum
1983 ... Stephen G. Wright · Personnel from the Center for Transportation Research visited a number of sites in Texas SDHPT district 12 and Houston Urban to observe slides which had occurred in earth embankments. the problems with earth slopes were discussed with personnel of the Texas SDHPT and it was determined that a major
Wright [CTR]
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Drilled Shaft Design and Construction Guidelines Manual
1977 ... Lymon C. Reese and Stephen J. Wright · · "July 1977" · Publ. by: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).
FHWA-IP-77-21 ... FHWA-IP-77-21
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A Survey and Evaluation of Remedial Measures for Earth Slope Stabilization
1974 ... Rudolph J. Schweizer and Stephen Wright · The results of a literature survey undertaken to identify remedial measures which have been used to stabilize earth slopes are presented. In this review attention is directed to specific case histories and field conditions where the remedial measures were actually used. The remedial
161-2 F [CTR] ... 0-161-2F
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A Survey of Earth Slope Failures and Remedial Measures in Texas
1972 ... Timothy G. Abrams and Stephen Wright · The results of a survey undertaken to identify regions in Texas where there has been a high incident rate of slope failure and to identify some of the factors responsible for these slides are presented. In conjunction with this study a review of present slope design procedures and the
161-1 [CTR] ... 0-161-1
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