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Communicating Complex Construction and Traffic Control to the Public


[2015] ... Nabeel Khwaja, P.E., Cameron Schmeits The FM 407 cross street along IH-35E was planned to be reconstructed approximately 10 years ago. Due to funding issues and other circumstances, construction of this small portion of the IH-35E highway was delayed and eventually combined with the 35 Express Project. FM 407 is

Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Khwaja Construction

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Addressing Concerns of the LBJ Express Depressed Managed Lanes: Signage and Sunlight Analysis


[2015] ... Nabeel Khwaja, P.E., Cameron Schmeits The LBJ Express project has several miles of managed toll lanes that are depressed and partially covered by the free highway lanes above. The amount the managed lanes are covered varies along the length of the project depending on how much right of way was available. Also, to

Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Khwaja Sunlight

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Construction, 2014


2014 ... [various authors] "TRR No. 2408 consists of 12 papers that cover performance bonds; alternative technical concepts; indefinite delivery-indefinite quantity contracting; geotechnical requirements in the design-build selection process; visualization technology; and air content stability in the slipform paving process. This issue also

TRR 2408 ... TRR 2408; TRR 2408 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2408

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How Visualization Technology Can Help Improve Transparency of the Department of Transportation Design and Construction Projects


2013 ... Nabeel Khwaja and Cameron Schmeits Reconstruction of major urban highway projects need to balance the mobility needs of the driving public and construction needs of the contractor. This is generally accomplished through the development of the detailed Traffic Control Plans (TCP). However, the presentation of

Poster 2013 CTR Symp: Khwaja

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3D-4D Modeling of North Tarrant Express Project


2013 ... Nabeel Khwaja, P.E. [and four others] Two projects are presented showing their use of 3D and 4D models for multiple purposes: Public information about closures due to construction activities, schedule visualization to support multiple stakeholders inside and outside of TxDOT, and support for planning and construction activities.

Poster 2013 CTR Symp: Schmeits

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Construction 2012


2012 ... [various authors] This issue contains 14 papers on the subject of construction as related to transportation. Specific topics discussed in the papers fall within the following categories: construction management and project delivery; quality assurance; portland cement concrete pavements; asphalt pavements; and steel

TRR 2268 ... TRR 2268 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2268

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Case study assessment of 3D and 4D modeling techniques for early constructabilty review of transportation projects


[2011] ... by Cameron William Schmeits, B.S.Arch.E Transportation projects are unique projects that have many issues such as ROW acquisition, traffic control, and utilities. To help solve some of these issues projects should utilize constructability. Over the past 25 years research on constructability has consistently shown to have

Schmeits 2011 Thesis

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Four-Dimensional Modeling for TxDOT Dallas District


2011 ... Nabeel Khwaja, William O'Brien, Cameron Schmeits, Jean Goyat, Kristopher Pruner 3D/4D modeling has been adopted for use in the building construction industry relatively quickly, however, its use in highway construction has been limited at best. Center for Transportation Research has been using 3D/4D modeling on

Poster 2011 CTR Symp: Khwaja

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