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Evaluating Truck and Rail Movements along Competitive Multimodal Corridors


2014 ... Dan Seedah [and three others] · Texas faces increased freight demands from population growth and economic success, with little prospect of adding substantial capacity to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) principal highway networks. In Texas’s truck-dominated intrastate corridors, can railroads offer

6692-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6692-1

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Container Terminal and Cargo-Handling Cost Analysis Toolkit


2013 ... Dan Seedah [and three others] · "For this task [on TxDOT Project 0-6690], the study team sought to determine the costs associated with container terminal operations and their influence on overall container shipping cost. Commercial ports publish prices (tariffs) for a wide variety of services and the study proposal included the

6690-CTR-P2/P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-6690-CTR-P2; Product 0-6690-CTR-P1

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Texas Highway Funding Options


2013 ... Leigh B. Boske, Shama Gamkhar, Robert Harrison · This study was designed to provide strategic information on highway funding options and alternatives in preparation for the 2013 Texas Legislative Session. The contents evolved during the research team’s two-semester interaction with senior TxDOT staff, led by Mr. Phil

6802-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6802-1

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The Dynamics of U.S.-Asian-South American Waterborne Trade and the Panama Canal Expansion : Their Anticipated Impacts on Texas Ports and the State's Economy


2013 ... Leigh Boske, Robert Harrison · This report examines noteworthy aspects of US-Asian and US-Latin American trade, particularly the present and likely future roles of Texas ports and the Panama Canal. The purpose is to identify opportunities and challenges faced by the State of Texas and its ports in competing for international

6690-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13 / 0-6690-1

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0-6736, Rider 36 OS/OW Vehicle Fees Study


2013 ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: C. Michael Walton; Researchers: Lisa Loftus-Otway [and nine others] · "Increased oversized and overweight (OS/OW) truck traffic associated with our state’s growing economy has amplified long-standing concerns about the impact of that traffic

6736 PSR [CTR] ... 0-6736-S ... Project Summary Report

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Small Business Inclusion: A Study of TxDOT’s Consultant Procurement Program


2013 ... Khali R. Persad [and four others] · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) sought the services of a public institution of higher education to conduct a study of TxDOT’s professional services contracting program through an Interagency Contract (IAC). The Request for Proposal (RFP) stated that it had come to

Persad 2013 [CTR] ... IAC 48-2XXIA001

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Assessment of TxDOT Staffing for Project Development and Construction, and Project Backlog Analysis


2013 ... Khali R. Persad [and four others] · The objective of the work documented in this report was to examine full-time-equivalent (FTE) staffing needs for TxDOT project development and construction, and analyze needs for backlogging projects, i.e., preparing construction plans in advance and keeping them at the ready for possible

6581-CT-5 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6581-CT-5

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RTI Special Studies for TxDOT Administration in FY 2012


2013 ... Khali Persad [and four others] · This research project was established by TxDOT’s Research and Technology Implementation Office to address special studies required by the department’s Administration during FY 2012. Three tasks were completed and are documented. · CONTENTS: Chapter 1. Introduction -- Chapter 2.

6581-CT-4 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6581-CT-4

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Evaluating the Impacts of the Panama Canal Expansion on Texas Gulf Ports


2013 ... Robert Harrison and Manuel Trevino · This report covers a four-year period after contractors started work on the third set of locks, which in 2015 will effectively double the size of the ship using the Panama Canal. Many of the impacts linked to the new locks remain unknown (like lock fees, demand, and shipper response) but it

2013-476660-00062-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/13/476660-00062-1

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Oversize/Overweight Vehicle Permit Fee Study


2012 ... CTR: Prozzi J. [and nine others]; University of Texas at San Antonio: Weismann, J., Weismann, A. · In Rider 36, the Texas Legislature in the 2012-2013 General Appropriations Act directed the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to conduct a study on road damage caused by oversized and overweight (OS/OW) vehicles

6736-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6736-2

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Freight Logistics and the Panama Canal Expansion


2012 ... Robert Harrison, Center for Transportation Research · This 19-slide presentation summarizes the current import-export situation in Texas and the impact of the Panama Canal expansion on Texas. · Publ. by: University of Texas at Austin. Center for Transportation Research (CTR).

Harrison 2012-Jun [CTR]

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RTI Special Studies for TxDOT Administration in FY 2011


2012 ... Khali R. Persad [and five others] · This research project was established by TxDOT’s Research and Technology Implementation Office to address special studies required by the department’s Administration during FY 2011. Three short-term, quick-turnaround tasks were completed and are documented. The following three tasks

6581-CT-3 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6581-CT-3

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Estimating Texas Motor Vehicle Operating Costs : Final Report


[2012] ... by Dr. Ronald Matthews [and eight others] · This report and its appendices summarize the findings of a 2-year extension to the TxDOT-sponsored study 0-5974 entitled “Estimating Texas Motor Vehicle Costs” undertaken by a Center for Transportation Research (CTR) team of mechanical engineers and economists at The

5974-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-12/0-5974-2

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· http://library.ctr.utexas.edu/digitized/ctr/0-5974-2_VcostUserManual.pdf
Report: 10.6 MB; Manual: 4.6 MB

Megaregion Freight Planning: A Synopsis


2012 ... Robert Harrison [and six others] · Megaregion interest has grown strongly in the last decade and is now seen by a growing number of planners as offering effective contributions to problems such as modal congestion, development disparity, and air pollution that individual metropolitan areas or cities cannot resolve individually.

6627-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6627-1

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Seven TxDOT Strategic Research Briefs for FY 2011


2012 ... Khali R. Persad [and nineteen others] · This document contains seven research briefs developed for TxDOT's Strategic Research Program (SRP) in FY 2011, with a brief introduction summarizing the initiation of the SRP. · CONTENTS: Project Summary Report: Development of a Strategic Research Program for TxDOT -- SRP

6661-RB [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-12/0-6661-RB

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Literature Workshop Recommendations (Powerpoint, CD ROM)


[2012] ... by Rob Harrison and Donovan Johnson · This CD-ROM contains two MS PowerPoint presentations from TxDOT Research Project 0-6627 "Mega-Region Freight Issues in Texas : A Synopsis," a one-year study conducted by CTR with TSU. Product P1 is the 20-slide presentation (.pptx) from the Kick-off Meeting; it describes the

6627-P1/P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6627-P1; Product 0-6627-P2

Full-text Link:
· http://www.utexas.edu/research/ctr/pdf_reports/0_6627_p2.pdf
1.1 MB; 7.9 MB (PDFs of PowerPoint files)

Railways 2011, Including 2011 Thomas B. Deen Distinguished Lecture


2011 ... [various authors] · "This [TRR] issue contains the 2011 Thomas B. Deen distinguished lecture on the future of railroads and 20 other papers concerned with the following aspects of railways: economic impacts of high-speed rail for Great Britain; economic impacts of intercity passenger rail service; cluster analysis of intercity rail

TRR 2261 ... TRR 2261 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2261

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TxDOT Waterborne Freight Corridor Study, Phase II : Final Report


2011 ... prepared by Cambridge Systematics, Inc.; with HNTB Corporation, Moffatt and Nichol Engineers, Mr. Robert Harrison · "Texas ports and waterways continue to be key contributors to the overall health and competitiveness of the State economy, providing a cost-efficient means to move goods into and out of the State,

MS-7807 Phase II

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TxDOT Waterborne Freight Corridor Study, Task 1 : Evaluation Criteria and Solution Packages


2011 ... prepared by Cambridge Systematics, Inc.; with Moffatt & Nichol, HNTB, Mr. Robert Harrison · "The overall goal of the Texas Waterborne Freight Corridor Study is to create a strategic vision for the State’s waterborne freight system, as well as a phased implementation plan to guide TxDOT and its partners (ports, port authorities,

MS-7807 Task 1

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Megaregion Freight Movements : A Case Study of the Texas Triangle


2011 ... by Dan Seedah and Robert Harrison · U.S. population growth is predicted to substantially increase over the next 40 years, particularly in areas with large regional economies forecasted to contain over two-thirds of the national economic activity. In Texas, population growth from 2000 to 2040 is predicted to increase around 72% and

2011-476660-00075-1 [CTR] ... 476660-00075-1

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Estimating Texas Motor Vehicle Operating Costs


2011 ... Research Supervisor: Rob Harrison; Researchers: Garrett Anderson [and seven others] · This report summarizes the findings of a two year extension to the TxDOT sponsored study [on Vcost] undertaken by a Center for Transportation Research (CTR) team of mechanical engineers and economists at the University of Texas at

5974-s [CTR] ... PSR 0-5974 ... Project Summary Report, 0-5974

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Mega-Region Freight Issues in Texas : A Synopsis


2011 ... Research Supervisor: Rob Harrison; Researchers: Nathan Hutson [and five others] · Demographic growth is now concentrating both population and economic performance into multi-city boundaries termed megaregions, which challenge traditional systems of transportation planning when the needs through 2040 are considered. The

6627-s [CTR] ... PSR 0-6627 ... Project Summary Report, 0-6627

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Hybrid Distribution Trucks : Costs and Benefits


2011 ... By Garrett Anderson and Robert Harrison · The respective populations of the United States and Texas are expected to significantly increase over to the next several decades, primarily in urban and metropolitan areas. Economists have also predicted that oil prices will rise in real terms during the same period. Air quality is getting

2011-476660-00080-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/11/476660-00080-1

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The Potential for Improving Rail International Intermodal Services in Texas and the Southwest Region of the United States


2011 ... Robert Harrison and James Blaze · The report covers a period of great significance for railroading in the U.S. as it contains a number of milestones now shaping the future performance of the industry. The specific subject is improving intermodal service so that it can support state and regional highway planning, now facing severe

2011-473700-00076-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/11/473700-00076-1

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RTI Special Studies for TxDOT Administration in FY 2010


2011 ... Khali R. Persad [and twelve others] · This research project was established by the Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Research and Technology Implementation Office (RTI) in Fiscal Year 2009 and renewed in FY 2010 to evaluate transportation issues as requested by TxDOT’s Administration, and develop findings and/or

6581-CT-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6581-CT-2

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It's About Time : Investing in Transportation to Keep Texas Economically Competitive. Appendices


2011 ... Texas 2030 Committee [and others] · · CONTENTS: APPENDIX A : PAVEMENT QUALITY (Zhanmin Zhang, Michael R. Murphy, Robert Harrison), 7 pages -- APPENDIX B : BRIDGE QUALITY (Jose Weissmann, Angela J. Weissmann), 6 pages -- APPENDIX C : URBAN TRAFFIC CONGESTION (Tim Lomax, David Schrank), 32 pages --

6666-TTI-1 Appendices ... 0-6666-TTI-1 App.

Full-text Link:
14.1 MB

Economic Impacts of ARRA Stimulus Funding on TxDOT Projects


2011 ... RS: Robert Harrison; Researchers: Ateeth Dhumal and Khali R. Persad · In February 2009, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) with the goal of stimulating employment. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) received $2.25 billion of the $26 billion that was allocated to transportation

6592-PSR [CTR] ... PSR 0-6592-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-6592

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Longer Combination Vehicles & Road Trains for Texas?


2011 ... RS: C. Michael Walton, CTR; Researchers: Robert Harrison [and five others] · Texas faces a highway funding shortfall and increasing freight demand, which translates to fewer miles of new highway and higher levels of congestion. One solution is to move the additional freight on more productive trucks on key routes on the current

6095-PSR [CTR] ... PSR 0-6095-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-6095

Full-text Link:


TxDOT and Electric Power Transmission Lines


2011 ... RS: Phillip Nash; Researchers: Douglas Smith [and four others] · The purpose of this study was to provide baseline information and case studies to better define TxDOT’s role in electric power transmission lines and partnering with public utilities. Technical and legal issues were documented in literature and legal analysis

6495-PSR [TechMRT] ... PSR 0-6495-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-6495

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Employment Impacts of ARRA Funding on TxDOT Projects


2010 ... Rob Harrison, Khali R. Persad, and Ateeth Dhumal · The stimulus package signed by President Obama on March 6, 2009 is known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). This act allocated $48.1 billion to transportation of which $27.5 billion was for highway projects. Texas was allotted the second highest distribution

6592-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6592-1

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Potential Use of Longer Combination Vehicles in Texas : Second-Year Report


2010 ... C.M Walton [and three others, CTR], Angela Jannini Weissman [and four others, UTSA] · The second year of this study focused on Texas highway corridors carrying heavy truck volumes and examined LCV operations—particularly infrastructure costs—to identify where the highest economic advantage from LCV

6095-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11 /0-6095-2

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Export Growth, Energy Costs, and Sustainable Supply Chains


2010 ... Dan Seedah and Robert Harrison · The report examines sustainable supply chains in North America and the role played by rail intermodal operations in lowering ten-mile fuel and emission costs. It examines whether current systems favor imports over exports – a current complaint from some shippers – and whether the

2010- 476660-00069-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC 10/ 476660-00069-1

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Peer State Review of TxDOT Maintenance Practices : Workshop Materials October 4-7, 2010, Austin, TX


2010 ... Mike Murphy [and twelve others] · Slides and Questionnaires from the Peer Review Workshop. Agenda/Contents: | Day 1 Workshop at CTR: Purpose of the Peer Review (David Casteel); Group Introductions (Mike Murphy); 1) Texas Highway Network and Maintenance Program (Toribio Garza) Discussion; 2) TxMAP, TxTAP

6664 Workshop [CTR] ... 0-6664

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Interim Report and Presentation for the TxDOT Administration


2010 ... Zhanmin Zhang, Michael Murphy and Robert Harrison · This report presents four documents created by the TxDOT Multi-tier Pavement Management Workgroup. · CONTENTS: White Paper, February 12, 2010: "Multi-Tier Pavement Condition Goals : White Paper" / Texas Department of Transportation Construction Division, Materials

6655-CT-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-10/0-6655-CT-1

Full-text Link:
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Potential Use of Longer Combination Vehicles in Texas : First Year Report


2010 ... C.M. Walton [and nine others] · Trucking remains the only major freight mode not to benefit from increases in size and weight regulations since 1982. The need for more productive trucks both longer (LTL) and heavier (TL) is growing with economic activity, rising fuel costs and concerns over environmental impacts from

6095-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-10/0-6095-1

Full-text Link:
· http://www.utexas.edu/research/ctr/pdf_reports/0_6095_1Workshop.pdf
2.2 MB, 2.3 MB

Emerging Trade Corridors and Texas Transportation Planning : Technical Report


2010 ... Robert Harrison [and four others] · This report describes the major trends in intermodal shipping that are impacting Texas intermodal trade corridors. Key supply and demand forces that underpin intermodal service and routing options are provided. Intermodal development from a technological and shipping industry perspective is

5973-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-10/0-5973-2

Full-text Link:
2.8 MB

Estimating Texas Motor Vehicle Operating Costs : Technical Report


2009 ... Dana Welter [and four others] · A specific Vcost model was developed for Texas conditions based on a sophisticated fuel model for light duty vehicles, several excellent sources of secondary vehicle cost data, and the ability to measure heavy truck fuel consumption through both experimental and survey work. The basic model was

5974-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-10/0-5974-1

Full-text Link:
2 MB

Evaluation of TxDOT's J.A.C.K. Model for Revenue and Expenditure Projections


2009 ... Khali R. Persad [and six others] · This research report documents work conducted by the Center for Transportation (CTR) at The University of Texas at Austin in analyzing the Joint Analysis using the Combined Knowledge (J.A.C.K.) program. This program was developed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

6395-CT-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-09/0-6395-CT-1

Full-text Link:
2.6 MB

Communications Materials on Methods of Development of Revenue and Cost Estimates to Non-Technical Audiences


2009 ... Khali Persad [and six others] · This CDROM includes PDFs of presentations on the following topics: "TXDOT Revenue and Expenditure Trends;" "Examine Highway Fund Diversions, & Benchmark Texas Vehicle Registration Fees;" "Evaluation of the JACK Model;" "Future highway construction cost trends;" "Fuel Efficiency

6395-CT-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6395-CT-P2

Full-text Link:
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Emerging Trade Corridors and Texas Transportation Planning


2009 ... Robert Harrison [and four others] · Texas is currently the leading U.S. state for exports and its economy also generates substantial import volumes. For these reasons, multimodal corridors are an integral part of state transportation planning. In addition, the strategic location of Texas means that regional and national corridors lie

5973 [CTR] ... PSR 0-5973 ... Project Summary Report, 0-5973

Full-text Link:


Special Studies for TxDOT Administration in FY 2009


2009 ... Khali Persad [and six others] · This research project was established by TxDOT's Research and Technology Implementation Office to address special studies required by the department's Administration during FY 2009. Five short-term, quick turnaround tasks were completed and are documented. · Project performed in

6581-CT-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-10/0-6581-CT-1

Full-text Link:
5.4 MB

Funding the Future : A Forecast of Transportation Finance


2009 ... Bill Stockton, Rob Harrison and Michael Walton · This report is a part of an extensive analytical effort to provide the best possible information for state and local planners and decision makers. It is the product of a project by the Texas Association of Metropolitan Planning Organizations (TEMPO) and the Texas Department of


Full-text Link:


In-Depth Analysis of the JACK Model


2009 ... Khali R. Persad [and six others] · Recently, as part of a comprehensive analysis of budget and funding options, a TxDOT special task force has examined the agency's current financial forecasting methods and has developed a model designed to estimate future State Highway Fund revenues and expenditures. The Joint Analysis

6395-P3 [CTR] ... Product 0-6395-P3

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3.7 MB

The Impacts of Port, Rail, and Border Drayage Activity in Texas


2009 ... Rob Harrison [and five others] · This report examines Texas dray operations of interest to TxDOT planners. Chapter 1 provides background to the study and summarizes an earlier study report. Chapter 2 reports on a large drayage driver survey conducted at the Union Pacific Englewood intermodal terminal in Houston. Chapter

5684-1 [CTR] ... 0-5684-1

Full-text Link:
6.3 MB

Impacts of Current and Future Demographic Change on Transportation Planning in Texas : Final Technical Report


2008 ... Michael Cline [and four others] · This report provides an overview of the project objectives and methods and summarizes key findings about the demographic trends impacting Texas transportation. In addition, this report summarizes key findings concerning the use of demographic data at TxDOT and related agencies and provides a

5392-2 [UTSA] ... FHWA/TX-06/0-5392-2

Full-text Link:


Guide to the Economic Value of Texas Ports


2008 ... Peter Siegemund [and four others] · When policymakers make public investments, they are frequently interested in the economic impacts associated with their actions. Stakeholders are usually interested in a policy’s economic impact. Common ways of measuring economic impact are the quantity of jobs, sales, and tax receipts

5538-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-5538-P1

Full-text Link:
2.95 MB

An Analysis of the Value of Texas Seaports in an Environment of Increasing Global Trade


2008 ... Peter Siegesmund [and four others] · This study undertook an economic impact exercise for all Texas ports, updated a similar study done a decade earlier, and so assisted TxDOT with incorporating the most recent marine port impacts into their state transportation planning. The study was awarded to a joint CTR-TTI team but

5538-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-09/0-5538-1

Full-text Link:
949 KB

Impacts of Dray System Along Ports Intermodal Yards, and Border Ports of Entry


2008 ... RS: Rob Harrison; Researchers: Nathan Hutson, Jolanda Prozzi, John McCray · Dray operations form critical links in intermodal supply chains, yet drayage is the element that is least studied and therefore least understood. The growth of international trade - much of it moved at some point by the dray industry - now requires

5684 [CTR] ... PSR 0-5684-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5684

Full-text Link:


Water Transportation and Port Operations


2008 ... [various authors] · This issue includes eight papers that explore quadrimaran ferries, analysis of container port competition, interaction between transport, infrastructure, and institutional management of a port system, optimization of internal transport cycle in a marine container terminal, drayage operations at the Port of

TRR 2033 ... TRR 2033 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2033

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Characteristics of Drayage Operations at the Port of Houston


2008 ... Robert Harrison [and three others] · Port drayage, defined as a container truck pickup to or from a seaport terminal with both the trip origin and destination in the same urban area, is a critical yet comparatively understudied link in the intermodal supply chain. Because port dray trucks operate primarily in urban environments,

2008-473700-00075-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/08/473700-00075-1

Full-text Link:


Impacts of Current and Future Demographic Trends on Transportation Planning in Texas


2008 ... RS: Karl Eschbach, UTSA; Researchers: Michael Cline [and five others] · Demographic data play an integral part in the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) planning processes and demographic processes and trends will markedly impact future demands for transportation and the characteristics of those using

5392 PSR [CTR] ... PSR 0-5392-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5392

Full-text Link:


Impacts of Current and Future Demographic Change on Transportation Planning in Texas


2008 ... Michael Cline [and six others] · As Texas population continues to grow and as the complexities of that growth change the fundamental demographic structure of the state, transportation planners will need a better understanding of demographic data and its implications. This report provides an overview of demographic change

5392-3 [UTSA] ... FHWA/TX-06/0-5392-3

Full-text Link:


Texas NAFTA Study Update : Final Report


2007 ... Robert Harrison · Texas has always been the principal gateway for trade between the United States and Mexico. In 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was implemented between these historic trading partners, ushering in a new era of growth, and elevating the importance of the Texas highway and rail

MS 3137

Full-text Link:


Drayage Activity in Texas


2007 ... Robert Harrison [and five others] · The following report chronicles the first year’s findings of project 0-5684. The report characterizes Texas drayage activity while focusing principally on activity occurring at the Port of Houston Barbours Cut Container Terminal, the UP and BNSF rail yards located in Houston, and the border Ports of

2007-0-5684-2 [CTR] ... SWUTC/07/0-5684-2

Full-text Link:


The Value of Texas Seaports in an Environment of Increasing Global Trade


2007 ... RS: Rob Harrison; Researchers: Rene Allsup [and four others] · The U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has increased dramatically in the past 20 years, enhancing the nation's role in the global economy. Texas seaports play an important role in both the state and national economies as export and import gateways for a wide variety of

5538-s [CTR] ... PSR 0-5538 ... Project Summary Report, 0-5538

Full-text Link:
55 KB

Containerization and Related Trends at Texas Deep Water Ports


2007 ... Robert Harrison, Nathan Hutson and Vana Prasad · The U.S. economy has undergone profound changes in the twenty years ending 2006 as real Gross Domestic Product grew from $4.2 to $13.2 trillion. This not only altered the composition and size of its business sector but also the role the nation now plays in the global economy.

5538-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-5538-P2

Full-text Link:
318 KB

Drayage Activity in Texas


2007 ... Robert Harrison [and five others] · The following report chronicles the first year's findings of project 0-5684. The report characterizes Texas drayage activity while focusing principally on activity occurring at the Port of Houston Barbours Cut Container Terminal, the UP and BNSF rail yards located in Houston, and the border Ports of

5684-2 [CTR] ... 0-5684-2

Full-text Link:
1.2 MB

Developing Appropriate Freight Performance Measures for Emerging Users


2007 ... Mike Schofield and Robert Harrison · Federal and state transportation planning and policy has begun to focus on highway performance measurement, balancing goals, performance measures and measurement. The push toward performance measurement first focused on passenger vehicles, largely ignoring the measurement of freight-

2007-473700-00073-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/07/473700-00073-1

Full-text Link:


Evaluating Mexican Truck Safety at the Texas/Mexico Border


2007 ... Mike Schofield and Robert Harrison · In June 2004 the U.S Supreme Court ruled that the United States should open its borders to cross-border trucking and so fulfill its treaty obligations under the NAFTA. Opponents of this action included those who believed that Mexican trucks were unable to meet current U.S. trucking safety

2007-473700-00071-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/07/473700-00071-1

Full-text Link:


Transportation Challenges and Issues Facing Rural Texas : A Methodology to Prioritize Rural Transportation


2007 ... Jolanda Prozzi and Robert Harrison · Over the past two decades, changes in transportation demand of agriculture and rural industry have interacted with the deregulation of the transportation sector. This has resulted in the abandonment both of the regulation of truck rates and competition, and of many rural rail links that were

2007-473700-00068-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/07/473700-00068-1

Full-text Link:


Planning for Container Growth along the Houston Ship Channel and Other Texas Seaports


2007 ... Rob Harrison [and four others] · Study 0-5068 examined corridor improvement initiatives at all Texas seaports contemplating future container operations, with a primary focus on rail systems and current facilities under the Port of Houston Authority (POHA). This is the final study report and first estimates the volume of containers that

5068-2 [CTR] ... 0-5068-2

Full-text Link:
1.3 MB

Incorporating Inland Port Strategies Into TxDOT Planning : Toolbox


2006 ... Robert Harrison [and three others] · 5-4083-01-P1: Implementation Manual outlining procedures for evaluating a sponsor’s inland port proposal and providing guidance for scoring and evaluating proposals. Proposals have been split into two time-frames to ensure scoring reflects the type of facility being proposed i.e. (i) when a new

4083-01-P1/P2 [CTR] ... Product 5-4083-01-P1; Product 5-4083-01-P2

Full-text Link:


A Review of Asian Trade Corridors Serving Texas


2006 ... Robert Harrison, Nathan Hutson and John McCray · "This report summarizes an evaluation of transportation routes for Asian container shipments to Texas, a performed by researchers at the Center for Transportation Research and The University of Texas at San Antonio. Sponsored by the Texas Department of

Harrison 2006 ... 50-5XXIA006 R1 ... IAC Report

Full-text Link:
http://library.ctr.utexas.edu/digitized/IACreports/IAC10406_US- CHINA_R1.pdf
842 KB

Developing Freight Highway Corridor Performance Measure Strategies in Texas


2006 ... RS: Robert Harrison ; Researchers: Lisa Loftus-Otway [and three others] · Recent trends at national and state levels have contributed to the development of freight performance measure (FPM) strategies to assist highway planners. First, the North American Free Trade Agreement initiated the move towards global trading that has

5410-S [CTR] ... PSR 0-5410-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5410

Full-text Link:


Developing Freight Highway Corridor Performance Measure Strategies in Texas


2006 ... Robert Harrison [and four others] · This one-year scoping study examined the current status of highway Freight Performance Measure (FPM) implementation in the United States for possible implementation within the Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) division of transportation, planning, and programming. A review of

5410-1 [CTR] ... 0-5410-1

Full-text Link:
1.1 MB

Development of Sources and Methods for Securing Truck Travel Data in Texas


2006 ... RS: Rob Harrison; Researcher: Jolanda Prozzi · State departments of transportation (DOTs) require disaggregated truck flow data to determine the impact of truck movements on the state’s road infrastructure—bridges and pavements—and the implications in terms of funding. In addition, robust truck data

4713-S [CTR] ... PSR 0-4713-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-4713

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Freight Performance Measures Guide


2006 ... Rob Harrison [and four others] · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has partnered with metropolitan areas to support using Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) data in order to make real-time decisions and support performance measures for general transportation with facilities like TransGuide in San

5410-P3 [CTR] ... Product 0-5410-P3

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Planning for Container Growth Along the Houston Ship Channel and Other Texas Seaports : Project Closeout and Preliminary Conclusions


2006 ... by Nathan Hutson, Rob Harrison · This PowerPoint presentation presents information on Project 0-5068: Planning for Container Growth in the Houston Ship Channel and other Texas Seaports · CONTENTS: Summary of First Year Findings -- Goals for Second Year Report -- Second year conclusions (Background, Container Forecast

5068-P3 [CTR] ... Product 0-5068-P3

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Estimating Truck Travel Data for Texas


2006 ... Jolanda Prozzi, Peter Siegesmund and Rob Harrison · In 2004, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) awarded the Center for Transportation Research at The University of Texas at Austin an implementation project that was to explain how to use the calibrated multinomial logit (MNL) models to generate county-level truck

4713-01-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-07/5-4713-01-1

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Containerized Freight Movement in Texas


2006 ... RS: Robert Harrison; Researchers: Chandra Bhat [and four others] · Congestion along key Texas highway corridors has continued to rise in recent years due to increases in usage by both passenger and freight vehicles. In addition to building new lane miles, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is attempting to

4410-S [CTR] ... PSR 0-4410-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-4410

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Planning for Container Growth Along the Houston Ship Channel and Other Texas Seaports


2006 ... RS: Robert Harrison ; Researchers: Nathan Hutson [and four others] · This project assessed whether Texas transportation entities can continue to rely on traditional highway and rail planning to accommodate the projected growth of intermodal containers entering Gulf ports. Port of Houston Authority (POHA) container volumes

5068-S [CTR] ... PSR 0-5068-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5068

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Demographic Data Use and Demographic Data Needs at the Texas Department of Transportation and Related Agencies


2006 ... Michael Cline [and four others] · As Texas population continues to grow and as the complexities of that growth change the fundamental demographic structure of the state, transportation planners will need a better understanding of demographic data. This report provides an overview of demographic data available for

5392-1 [UTSA] ... FHWA/TX-06/ 0-5392-1

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Landside Access Needs for Deep-Water Ports in Texas


2006 ... RS: Rob Harrison; Researchers: Michael Bomba, Jolanda Prozzi and C. Michael Walton · The project had multiple objectives. The researchers initially compiled an annotated bibliography with descriptions of more than 100 papers, reports, and presentations on related topics representing the full breadth of landside access issues. The

4437-S [CTR] ... PSR 0-4437-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-4437

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Design and Operation of Inland Ports as Nodes of the Trans-Texas Corridor


2006 ... Robert Harrison [and nine others] · The Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) will provide relatively few links to by-passed metropolitan areas, and it is highly likely that inland ports or groups of "big box" outlets will be developed close to such connections to promote more efficient freight distribution. Project 0-4702 evaluated data,

4702-1 [CTR] ... 0-4702-1

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Design and Operation of Inland Ports as Nodes of the Trans-Texas Corridor


2006 ... RS: Robert Harrison, CTR; Researchers: Gary Barricklow [and five others] · In 2002, Governor Rick Perry announced his vision for a new transportation system for Texas, the Trans Texas Corridors (TTC). He proposed that Texas be connected by a 4,000-mile network of corridors up to 1,200 feet wide with separate lanes

4702-S [CTR] ... PSR 0-4702-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-4702

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