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Early Warning System to Detect Land Use Changes


[2015] ... Jake Gutekunst, Matt Reiter, Ahmad Alrashidan, Randy Machemehl, Ph.D., P.E. · · Presented at the 2015 CTR Symposium, April 8, 2015, Austin, Texas · Publ. by: [Produced by researcher].

Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Gutekunst

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Real-time Optimization of Passenger Collection for Commuter Rail Systems


2014 ... by Yao Yu, Rand Machemehl and Shadi Hakimi · Commuter rail systems are being introduced into many urban areas as an alternative mode to automobiles for commuting trips. The shift from the auto mode to rail mode is anticipated to greatly help alleviate traffic congestion in urban road networks. However, the right-of-way of many

2014-600451-00082-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/14/600451-00082-1

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Stretch and Flex Program for TxDOT Office and Field Workers


2014 ... Lisa Griffin [and four others] · Strain/sprain-related incidents account for 40% of the total injuries of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) employees. Over the past 5 years the most common strain/sprain injury was of the lower back; 50% of these injuries were caused by lifting tasks. The goal of this project is to create

6805-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-14/0-6805-1; Product 0-6805-P1; Product 0-6805-P2

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Stretch and Flex Guidebook


2014 ... Lisa Griffin [and four others] · "Use this guidebook to teach TxDOT field workers how to most appropriately and effectively use tools in the workplace in order to reduce injury. These guidelines are meant to provide general recommendations for basic tasks that field workers may perform. Note that the guidebook contains

6805-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-6805-P1

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0-6805, Summary of Stretch and Flex Program for TxDOT Operations


2014 ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Fernanda Leite; Researchers: Lisa Griffin [and three others] · "Strain- and sprain-related incidents account for 40 percent of the total injuries of Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) employees. Over the past 5 years, the most common

6805 PSR [CTR] ... 0-6805-S ... Project Summary

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Real Time Freeway Incident Detection


2014 ... by Moggan Motamed and Randy Machemehl · The US Department of Transportation (US-DOT) estimates that over half of all congestion events are caused by highway incidents rather than by rush-hour traffic in big cities. Real-time incident detection on freeways is an important part of any modern traffic control center operation because

2014-600451-00083-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/14/600451-00083-1

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Pilot Training Workshop Materials


[2014] ... by: Randy B. Machemehl · "Simple intersection models include diverges, where one incoming link is connected to several outgoing links, and merges, where several incoming links are connected to one outgoing link. Freeway models of exit ramps and on-ramps map directly to LTM diverge and merge concepts. The simplest

6704-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-6704-P1

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Minimizing User Delay and Crash Potential through Highway Work Zone Planning


2014 ... Michael Kurker [and nine others] · Lane closures due to highway work zones introduce many challenges to ensuring smooth traffic operations and a safe environment for drivers and workers. In addition, merging has been found to be one of the most stressful aspects of driving and a merge process that is viewed as ?unfair?

6704-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6704-1

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Developing a GIS-Based Intersection Traffic Control Planning Tool


2013 ... by Jack W. Bringardner, Mason D. Gemar, and Randy B. Machemehl · The purpose of this study was to include consideration for intersections into the previously created GIS traffic control planning tool. Available data for making intersection control calculations were collected and integrated into the design of the tool. The limitations

2013-600451-00069-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/13/600451-00069-1

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Travel Demand Management Guidebook


2013 ... Randy Machemehl [and five others] · "Demand leveling is a system of strategies to reduce congestion by reducing the number of single-occupancy vehicles (SOV) trying to simultaneously use congested roadways. By changing times of travel, diverting trips to other modes (walking, cycling, or transit), and/or increasing the vehicle

702-P2/P1 [CTR] ... Product 6-0702-P2; Product 6-0702-P1

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An Integrated Approach to Managing the Finance, Maintenance, and Operation of Transportation Systems


2013 ... Zhanmin Zhang [and eight others] · With the continued increase of demand on Texas highways, the consumption rate of our roads will accelerate due to the constrained funding for maintenance. Our highways represent a multi-billion dollar investment in our transportation system. Given the extent of the Texas highway

701-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/6-0701-1

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Worker Safety in Very Short Duration Work Zone Operations : State of Practice and Risk Management Process


2013 ... Li Wang [and four others] · Very short duration maintenance operations (VSDOs) last for 15 minutes or less and usually involve operations such as removing an object from the roadway (either on the pavement or adjacent shoulder) or pothole patching. These activities have the potential to interrupt traffic flow and can pose a

6640-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6640-1

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Vehicle Detector Devices


2012 ... Dr. Machemehl, R., Moggan Motamed · "As the need for automatic traffic monitoring increases with the evolution of ITS, market opportunity and application needs urge manufacturers and researchers to develop new technologies and improve existing ones... Current complex traffic situations need more extensive information. To

Machemehl 2012

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Maintenance and preservation, 2012


2012 ... [various authors] · "TRR No 2292 consists of 20 papers that explore carbon emissions of road maintenance; bid selection methods for road maintenance contracts; maintenance costs of extreme weather events; life cycle of hot in-place pavement recycling; prioritization of pavement preservation; life-cycle cost analysis for

TRR 2292 ... TRR 2292 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR)

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Enhanced Worker Safety in Very Short Duration Work Zone Operations : State of Practice and Recommendations


2012 ... Li Wang, Sami Kolahdoozan, Dan Seedah, Dr. Fernanda Leite, Dr. Randy Machemehl · Very short duration maintenance operations last for less than 15 minutes and usually involve operations such as removing an object from the roadway (either on the pavement or adjacent shoulder) or pothole patching. These activities have

Poster 2012 TRB Annual: Wang

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State of the Practice for Workers in Very Short Duration Work Zone Operations


2012 ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Randy B. Machemehl; Researchers: Li Wang [and three others] · "The safety of workers and motorists is a major concern, and the Federal Highway Administration recognizes this challenge and makes provisions for work zone safety in the

6640-PSR [CTR] ... PSR 0-6640-S ... Project Summary Report

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Using Real Time Traveler Demand Data to Optimize Commuter Rail Feeder Systems


2012 ... by Yao Yu and Randy Machemehl · This report focuses on real time optimization of the Commuter Rail Circulator Route Network Design Problem (CRCNDP). The route configuration of the circulator system – where to stop and the route among the stops – is determined on a real-time basis by employing adaptive Tabu Search to

2012-476660-00078-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/12/476660-00078-1

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Free-Floating Carsharing Systems : Innovations in Membership Prediction, Mode Share, and Vehicle Allocation Optimization Methodologies


2012 ... by Katherine Kortum and Randy Machemehl · Free-floating carsharing systems are among the newest types of carsharing programs. They allow one-way rentals and have no set ?homes? or docks for the carsharing vehicles; instead, users are permitted to drive the vehicles anywhere within the operating zone and leave the

2012-476660-00079-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/12/476660-00079-1

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Seven TxDOT Strategic Research Briefs for FY 2011


2012 ... Khali R. Persad [and nineteen others] · This document contains seven research briefs developed for TxDOT's Strategic Research Program (SRP) in FY 2011, with a brief introduction summarizing the initiation of the SRP. · CONTENTS: Project Summary Report: Development of a Strategic Research Program for TxDOT -- SRP

6661-RB [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-12/0-6661-RB

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Texas Roundabout Guidelines : Final Report


2011 ... Authors: Alison Mills [and five others] · Although roundabouts have now been implemented in many parts of the U.S., very few have been built in Texas. This report contains best practices for choosing appropriate locations and design concepts for Texas roundabouts. This research effort is comprised of the following

6414-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-08/0-6414-1

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Network Modeling 2011


2011 ... [various authors] · "This [TRR] issue contains 20 papers on the subject of transportation network modeling. Specific topics discussed include the following: measurement of transportation network vulnerability; individual path marginal cost in networks with queue spillbacks; dynamic origin-destination matrix estimation on

TRR 2263 ... TRR 2263 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2263

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Texas Roundabout Guidelines


2011 ... Alison Mills [and three others] · "Circular intersection forms have been part of the transportation system in the United States since at least 1905. Their widespread usage decreased after the mid-1950s due to high crash experience and problems with congestion. Therefore, the modern roundabout was developed to improve the safety

6414-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-6414-P1

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Proposed TxDOT Strategic Research Program : Second Year Report


2011 ... Khali R. Persad [and five others] · In February 2010, The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) contracted with the Center for Transportation Research (CTR) at The University of Texas at Austin, the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), and The Center for Multidisciplinary Research in Transportation (TechMRT) at Texas

6661-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6661-2

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Equipment Replacement Optimization


2011 ... Wei Fan [and ten others] · TxDOT has a fleet value of approximately $500,000,000 with an annual turnover of about $50,000,000. Substantial cost savings with fleet management has been documented in the management science literature. For example, a 1983 Interfaces article discussed how Phillips Petroleum saved

6412-1 [UT Tyler] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6412-1

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Equipment Replacement Optimization


2011 ... RS: Wei (David) Fan; Researchers: Leonard Brown [and nine others] · Due to equipment deterioration and technological changes, public and private agencies that maintain fleets of vehicles and/or specialized equipment must periodically decide when to replace vehicles composing their fleet in order to minimize their fleet

6412-s [UT Tyler] ... PSR 0-6412 ... Project Summary Report, 0-6412

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Transit 2011. Volume 3


2011 ... [various authors] · TRR No. 2218 consists of ten papers that explore yield-to-bus electronic warning signs on transit buses; reserved bus lanes; life-cycle cost tool for transit buses; innovative operating solutions for bus rapid transit; converting a two-way left-turn lane into a bus rapid transit lane; and joint optimization of bus size,

TRR 2218 ... TRR 2218 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2218

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TxDOT Strategic Research Program


2011 ... RS: Khali R. Persad; Researchers: Randy Machemehl [and four others] · The proposed Strategic Research Program (SRP) is intended to prepare the department for the transportation challenges likely to be faced in the next 10-30 years. It complements the current technical research program by addressing longer-term and

6661-s [CTR] ... PSR 0-6661 ... Project Summary Report, 0-6661

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Development of Guidelines for Implementation of Roundabouts in Texas


2011 ... RS: S. Travis Waller; Researchers: Jenifer Duthie [and three others] · Although roundabouts have now been implemented in many parts of the U.S., very few have been built in Texas. Therefore, this research effort was designed to develop guidelines for implementing them in Texas. The desired guidelines were to suggest best

6414-s [CTR] ... PSR 0-6414 ... Project Summary Report, 0-6414

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Maintenance and Preservation of Structures and Equipment


2011 ... [various authors] · TRR No. 2220 includes 11 papers that explore portland cement concrete exposed to automated deicing solutions; identification and tracking of highway bridge maintenance; health monitoring of prestressing tendons in posttensioned concrete bridges; bridge maintenance in New York City, New York;

TRR 2220 ... TRR 2220 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2220

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Proposed TxDOT Strategic Research Program


2011 ... Khali Persad [and five others] · In late 2009, The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) proposed the development of a Strategic Research Program (SRP) to prepare the department for the transportation challenges likely to be faced in the next 10-30 years. This report documents the results of the work conducted by

6661-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6661-1

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It's About Time : Investing in Transportation to Keep Texas Economically Competitive. Appendices


2011 ... Texas 2030 Committee [and others] · · CONTENTS: APPENDIX A : PAVEMENT QUALITY (Zhanmin Zhang, Michael R. Murphy, Robert Harrison), 7 pages -- APPENDIX B : BRIDGE QUALITY (Jose Weissmann, Angela J. Weissmann), 6 pages -- APPENDIX C : URBAN TRAFFIC CONGESTION (Tim Lomax, David Schrank), 32 pages --

6666-TTI-1 Appendices ... 0-6666-TTI-1 App.

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Transit 2010. Volume 2


2010 ... [various authors] · No. 2144 contains 21 papers that explore the spatial impacts of public transport on traffic congestion relief, attractiveness of light rail, the effect of gas prices on transit ridership, measuring the gap between car and transit accessibility, the monocentric city with discrete transit stations, impact of an urban

TRR 2144 ... TRR 2144 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2144

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Bicycles 2010


2010 ... Jennifer Duthie [and three others] · No. 2190 contains 6 papers that explore the influence of the built environment on route selection for bicycle and car travel; automated bicycle counts; multimodal travel choices of bicyclists; effects of gender on commuter cycling and accident rates; on-street bicycle facility configuration effects

TRR 2190 ... TRR 2190 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2190

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Predicting the Incremental Effects on Transit Ridership Due to Bus-On-Shoulder Operations


2010 ... Eleni Pappas and Randy Machemehl · Bus-On-Shoulder (BOS) operations are an extremely effective method for increasing the quality of a bus service; allowing for a bus to use a freeway shoulder as a bypass lane not only decreases bus travel time but also increases the bus service’s overall performance. BOS has also been

2010- 476660-00073-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/10/476660-00073-1

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Examining the Role of Trip Length in Commuter Decisions to Use Public Transportation


2010 ... Yao Yu and Randy Machemehl · Traveler trip length has for years been used as a fundamental indicator of the best mix of transit modes and user perceptions of travel cost for transit versus auto. This study examines traveler trip lengths across transit modes, work trip duration frequency distributions and mode share distributions in

2010- 476660-00074-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/10/476660-00074-1

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Evaluation of Four Experimental Bicycle Safety Devices in Austin, TX. Executive Summary


2010 ... John F. Brady [and four others] · As the number of trips made by bicycle continues to increase, there exists a greater need to safely accommodate bicycles within the transportation network. Four experimental bicyclist safety devices were installed and studied in Austin, Texas to determine if they offered a substantial improvement in


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Effects of Colored Lane Markings on Bicyclist and Motorist Behavior at Conflict Areas


2010 ... City of Austin Bicycle Team , John Brady [and four others] · "As the number of trips made by bicycle continues to increase in Austin, there is a need to design existing roadways to safely accommodate bicyclists at areas where bicyclists and motorists must cross paths. Conflicts are common on facilities where a motorist must


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Effects of Bicycle Boxes on Bicyclist and Motorist Behavior at Intersections -- Draft submitted June 20, 2010


2010 ... City of Austin Bicycle Team , Jeff Loskorn [and four others] · While Austin has a sizeable network of bicycle lanes, traditional bicycle facilities at intersections are often inadequate and can lead to unsafe interactions between motorists and bicyclists. One potential tool to alleviate this problem is the bicycle box. This device is


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Effects of "Bicycles May Use Full Lane" Signs on Bicyclist and Motorist Behavior along Multi-Lane Facilities


2010 ... City of Austin Bicycle Team , Alison Mills [and four others] · "Although Austin has a sizeable network of bicycle lanes and wide shoulder lanes, several gaps exist where roadways are too narrow to accommodate bicyclists and motorists side-by-side in the same lane. It is a considerable challenge to expand existing roadways to


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Effects of Shared Lane Markings on Bicyclist and motorist Behavior along Multi-Lane Facilities


2010 ... City of Austin Bicycle Team , John Brady [and four others] · "Census data and research surveys have shown that the number of trips made by bicycle in Austin is increasing. While Austin has a sizeable network of bicycle lanes, many gaps remain where roadways are too narrow to accommodate separated facilities. It is a


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Peer State Review of TxDOT Maintenance Practices : Workshop Materials October 4-7, 2010, Austin, TX


2010 ... Mike Murphy [and twelve others] · Slides and Questionnaires from the Peer Review Workshop. Agenda/Contents: | Day 1 Workshop at CTR: Purpose of the Peer Review (David Casteel); Group Introductions (Mike Murphy); 1) Texas Highway Network and Maintenance Program (Toribio Garza) Discussion; 2) TxMAP, TxTAP

6664 Workshop [CTR] ... 0-6664

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A Methodology for Incorporating Fuel Price Impacts into Short-term Transit Ridership Forecasts


2009 ... Ashley R. Haire and Randy B. Machemehl · Anticipating changes to public transportation ridership demand is important to planning for and meeting service goals and maintaining system viability. These changes may occur in the short- or long-term; extensive academic work has focused on bettering long-term forecasting

2009-169203-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/09/169203-1

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Vehicle and Driver Scheduling for Public Transit


2009 ... Kristin Torrance, Ashley R. Haire and Randy B. Machemehl · The problem of driver scheduling involves the construction of a legal set of shifts, including allowance of overtime, which cover the blocks in a particular vehicle schedule. A shift is the work scheduled to be performed by a driver in one day, while a block is a sequence

2009-476660-00063-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/09/476660-00063-1

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Guidelines for Incorporating a Bus Rapid Transit Scenario into the Analysis of Texas Highway Corridors


2009 ... Randy Machemehl, Hongchao Liu and Ruey Long Kelvin Cheu · Many corridors in the Texas State highway system are facing increasing congestion while having severe right-of-way limitations. The best form of congestion relief may not be additional highway lanes and/or grade separations. The best solution may be the

5668-1/P1 [CTR] ... Report 0-5668-1; Product 0-5668-P1

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The Effects of On-Street Parking on Cyclist Route Choice and the Operational Behavior of Cyclists and Motorists


2009 ... Kristen Torrance [and seven others] · Because of the serious societal, environmental, economic, and public health problems associated with motorized transportation, there is increased interest in encouraging non-motorized modes of travel. The current study contributes toward this objective in two ways. First, it evaluates the

5755-1/P1 [CTR] ... Report 0-5755-1; Product 0-5755-P1

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Center for Transportation Research Annual Report 2008


2008 ... Randy B. Machemehl · This report documents the Center for Transportation Research's (CTR) notable accomplishments during fiscal year 2008, which ran from September 1, 2007 through August 31, 2008. Also presented are the activities and results of the center's work, including events hosted and assets gained. In

CTR Annual 2008 [CTR] ... Annual Report (Center for Transportation Research)

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Comprehensive Planning and Design Guidelines for Incorporating a Bus Rapid Transit Scenario to the Analysis of Texas Highway Corridors


2008 ... RS: Randy Machemehl; Researchers: Hongchao Liu and Ruey Long (Kelvin) Cheu · Many corridors in the Texas State highway system face increasing congestion while having severe right-of-way limitations. The best form of congestion relief may not be additional highway lanes and/or grade separations. The best solution may be

5668 [CTR] ... PSR 0-5668-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5668

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Center for Transportation Research Annual Report Fiscal Year 2007


2007 ... Randy B. Machemehl · "This report documents CTR's notable accomplishments during fiscal year 2007, running from September 1, 2006 through August 31, 2007. Also presented are the activities and results of the Center's work, including events hosted and assets gained. CTR works in cooperation with several other UT research

CTR Annual 2007 [CTR] ... Annual Report (Center for Transportation Research)

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Operational and Safety Impacts for Bicyclists Using Roadways with On-Street Parking


2007 ... RS: Randy Machemehl; Researchers: Chandra Bhat [and five others] · On-street motor vehicle parking raises the level of danger for cyclists sharing roadways and motorists. Cyclists face an increased risk of collision with motorists entering or exiting a parking space, as well as vehicle doors suddenly opened in their path, known as

5755 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-5755-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5755

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The Commuter Rail Circulator Network Design Problem : Formulation, Solution Methods, and Applications


2007 ... Nicholas E. Lownes and Randy B. Machemehl · Commuter rail is increasingly popular as a means to implement rail transportation in hopes of realizing the potential benefits of rail transportation. The long-term benefits of commuter rail include the addition of capacity to the transportation system, aiding congestion mitigation

2007-473700-00077-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/07/473700-00077-1

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Best Practices: Separation Devices between Toll Lanes and Free Lanes


2007 ... Ian Hlavacek, Mike Vitek and Randy B. Machemehl · Transportation agencies around the nation find themselves pushing the envelope of innovation to keep up with congestion caused by exploding demand for limited roadway space. Managed lanes provide a mechanism for harnessing the potential of the current infrastructure.

5426-1 [CTR] ... 0-5426-1

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Before-After Comparison of Edgeline Effects on Rural Two-Lane Highways


2006 ... Alexei R. Tsyganov, Randy B. Machemehl, Nicholas M. Warrenchuk and Yue Wang · Pavement markings have definite functions in a proper traffic control system. They are applied for the purposes of regulating and guiding the movement of traffic, and promoting safety without diverting the driver’s attention from the roadway. It

5090-2 [CTR] ... 0-5090-2

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Best Practices for Separation Devices Between Toll Lanes and Free Lanes


2006 ... RS: Randy Machemehl; Researchers: Ian Hlavacek and Mike Vitek · Transportation agencies fi nd themselves pushing the envelope of innovation to keep up with congestion caused by exploding demand for limited roadway space. Managed lanes offer potential as an innovative means of ameliorating congestion. These special-

5426 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-5426-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5426

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Analysis of Edge Line Treatments


2006 ... RS: Randy Machemehl; Researchers: Alexei R. Tsyganov and Nicholas M. Warrenchuk · Because the impact of edge lines on traffic operation and safety can vary on different highway sections depending on roadway parameters, the first step of the study was to collect information regarding existing rural two-lane roads maintained

5090 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-5090-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5090

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Highway Capacity and Quality of Service 2006


2006 ... [various authors] · · CONTENTS: Sensitivity of Simulated Capacity to Modification of VISSIM Driver Behavior Parameters / Nicholas E. Lownes and Randy B. Machemehl -- Variability in Traffic Flow Quality Experienced by Drivers: Evidence from Instrumented Vehicles / Joonho Ko, Randall Guensler, and Michael Hunter; --

TRR 1988 ... TRR 1988 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 1988

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Development of a Phase-by-Phase, Arrival-Based, Delay-Optimized Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Methodology with Metaheuristic Search


2006 ... Michael Shenoda and Randy Machemehl · Adaptive traffic signal control is the process by which the timing of a traffic signal is continuously adjusted based on the changing arrival patterns of vehicles at an intersection, usually with the goal of optimizing a given measure of effectiveness. Herein, a methodology is

2006-167863-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/06/167863-1

Full-text Link:


Rigid and Flexible Pavement Design, 2006


2006 ... [various authors] · · CONTENTS: Network-Level Evaluation of Specific Pavement Study-2 Experiment: Using a Long-Term Pavement Performance Database / Neeraj Buch, et al. -- Experimental Investigation of Effects of Dowel Misalignment on Joint Opening Behavior in Rigid Pavements / Milind Prabhu,et al. -- Evaluation of

TRR 1947 ... TRR 1947 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 1947

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Operational and Safety Impacts When Retrofitting Bicycle Lanes


2006 ... RS: Randy Machemehl; Researchers: David Luskin, Khali Persad, Ian Hallett, and Jeff Gjertsen · A bicycle facility – a bike lane or a wide outside lane – added to an existing roadway without changing the curb-to-curb width is often referred to as a "retrofit." These facilities have become increasingly common in urban

5157 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-5157-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5157

Full-text Link:


Evaluation of On-Street Bicycle Facilities Added to Existing Roadways


2006 ... Ian Hallett, David Luskin, and Randy Machemehl · Many local and regional transportation authorities in Texas are proposing retrofitted bicycle facilities--those added to existing roadways without changing the curb-to-curb width--under the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Program and the Selective Traffic Enforcement

5157-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TXDOT-06/ 0-5157-1

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Predicting Truck Tire Pressure Effects Upon Pavement Performance


2006 ... Feng Wang and Randy Machemehl · Truck tire inflation pressures have steadily increased in the recent decades. A most apparent effect of the increased tire pressure would be reduction in the tire-pavement contact area, which may in turn result in an increase in the tire-pavement contact stress and then more

2006-167864-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/06/167864-1

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Driver Responses to Urban Freeway Information Loads : A Summary


2005 ... Alexei Tsyganov, Randy Machemehl, Ahmed Qatan and Nick Warrenchuck · · Publ. by: University of Texas at Austin. Center for Transportation Research (CTR).

4621 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-4621-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-4621

Full-text Link:


Driver Responses to Urban Freeway Information Loads


2005 ... A.R. Tsynganov, Randy Machemehl, A. Qatan and Nick Warrenchuk · Traffic control devices are intended to convey information to drivers enabling them to safely and efficiently negotiate highway systems. In addition to information from control devices, drivers gather information from surrounding traffic streams, highway geometry,

4621-2 [CTR] ... 0-4621-2

Full-text Link:


Diesel Emissions Testing, Performance Evaluation, And Operational Assessment : Project Extension To Examine An Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel: TxLED


2005 ... Ron Matthews [and nine others] · When TxDOT began using an ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, Texas Low Emission Diesel (TxLED), they commissioned a simultaneous study of the effectiveness of the use of TxLED by both the TxDOT fleet and their contractors, the Associated General Contractors (AGC). Because TxLED is similar to

4576-4 [CTR] ... 0-4576-4

Full-text Link:


Rigid and Flexible Pavement Design 2005


2005 ... [various authors] · · CONTENTS: Analytical Study of Effects of Truck Tire Pressure on Pavements with Measured Tire-Pavement Contact Stress Data--Randy B. Machemehl, Feng Wang, and Jorge A. Prozzi -- Implementing the Mechanistic-Empirical Design Guide Procedure for a Hot-Mix Asphalt-Rehabilitated Pavement in

TRR 1919 ... TRR 1919 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 1919

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Safety Impact of Edge Lines on Rural Two-Lane Highways


2005 ... Alexei R. Tsyganov, Randy B. Machemehl and Nicholas M. Warrenchuk · Pavement markings are an important part of the traffic control system, especially on rural two-lane roadways where these treatments often are the major traffic control measure. Compared to other types of longitudinal markings, the effect of edge lines on

5090-1 [CTR] ... 0-5090-1

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Trans-Texas Corridor Right-of-Way Royalty Payment Feasibility : A Summary


2005 ... Khali R. Persad [and four others] · · Publ. by: University of Texas at Austin. Center for Transportation Research (CTR).

4808 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-4808-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-4808

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Combined Traffic Signal Control and Traffic Assignment : Algorithms, Implementation and Numerical Results


2005 ... Chungwon Lee and Randy B. Machemehl · The nonconvex combined traffic signal control and traffic assignment problem is examined using four different algorithms and four example networks. The heuristic iterative approach has been widely used (1) without any justification regarding solution quality and (2) without any treatment

2005-472840-00074-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC-05-472840-00074-1

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Definition of the "Cradle-to-Grave" Pavement Management Process


2005 ... Zhanmin Zhang [and three others] · The highway transportation system is vital to the mobility of goods and people in Texas. Pavements are an important component of the highway transportation infrastructure, accounting for the single largest share of the overall investment in highway infrastructure. Because of the large

4186-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-4186-P1

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Cradle-to-Grave Pavement Monitoring of Pavements and Pavement Management Information Systems (PMIS) Functionality Enhancement Planning : A Summary


2004 ... Zhanmin Zhang and Randy B. Machemehl · Pavements are an important part of the highway transportation infrastructure, accounting for the single largest share of the overall investment. A tremendous amount of time and money is spent each year on the construction of new pavements, as well as on the

4186 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-4186-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-4816

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A Comprehensive Plan for PMIS Functionality Enhancements and Pavement-Related Databases in TxDOT


2004 ... Zhanmin Zhang, Randy B. Machemehl, and Zach Piepmeyer · Research Report 0-4186-3 provides the details of the comprehensive plan developed under Project 0-4186. Each report on this CD-ROM is available as a PDF or .DOC. | The objective of pavement management is to maintain or improve the condition of the pavement

4186-3/4-8,P1 [CTR] ... 0-4186-3; 0-4186-4; 0-4186-5; 0-4186-6; 0-4186-7; 0-4186-8; Product 0-4186-

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Study of Current Truck Configurations


2004 ... Feng Wang [and four others] · The current AASHTO Guide for the Design of Pavement Structures was derived from the large-scale Road Test conducted by AASHTO in the 1950s. Being empirical in nature, the AASHTO pavement design guide reflects only the truck technology prevalent at the AASHTO Road Test. However, truck

1862-1 [CTR] ... 0-1862-1

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Development and Validation of a Flexible, Open Architecture, Transportation Simulation with an Adaptive Control Implementation


2004 ... Michael Hunter and Randy B. Machemehl · Simulation has been utilized in the planning and development of almost all sectors of the transportation field. The practicing transportation community primarily relies on simulation packages. When a practitioner (or end user) uses a simulation package, most of the simulation

2004-167823-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC-04-167823-1

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Freeway Design Decisions for Revised Frontage Road Policy: Final Project Report


2004 ... Kara Kockelman, W. Curtis Bouldin, Shadi Hakimi and Randy B. Machemehl · Constructing frontage roads along freeway corridors has been Texas' primary solution to providing property access while linking freeway main lanes to cross streets. In 2002, however, the Texas Transportation Commission decided to limit frontage

1873-01-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-04/ 5-1873-01-1

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Optimal Transit Route Network Design Problem: Algorithms, Implementations, and Numerical Results


2004 ... Wei Fan and Randy B. Machemehl · Previous approaches used to solve the transit route network design problem (TRNDP) can be classified into three categories: 1) Practical guidelines and ad hoc procedures; 2) Analytical optimization models for idealized situations; and 3) Meta-heuristic approaches for more practical

2004-167244-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC-04-167244-1

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Quantitative Description of Informational Dimensions of Urban Freeways


2004 ... Alexei Tsyganov [and four others] · In an urban environment drivers typically have numerous information sources contributing to performance of driving tasks. An objective of this research is development of a practical tool to help traffic and safety professionals analyze driver information load and select countermeasures for

4621-1 [CTR] ... 0-4621-1

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