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Use of Highway ROW for High-Speed Intercity Passenger Rail and Dedicated Freight Transportation Systems. Guidebook


2014 ... Katie A. Larsen [and eight others] · "The purpose of this guidebook is to help TxDOT staff evaluate proposals for using new or existing highway right-of-way (ROW) for high-speed intercity passenger rail (HSIPR) or dedicated freight transportation systems. This guidebook is intended to provide the foundation for a new manual

6698-P3 [CTR] ... Product 0-6698-P3

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The Economics of Transportation Systems : A Reference for Practitioners


2013 ... Dr. Kara Kockelman [and three others] · "Transportation planners and engineers often feel unfamiliar with economic principles, and some assume that economics does not apply to their job duties. In practice, most transportation professionals can regularly employ economic concepts and techniques for decision-making—and

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Using Smartphones to Collect Bicycle Travel Data in Texas


2012 ... by Joan G. Hudson [and four others] · Researchers believed that if smartphones could prove to be an effective tool for collecting bicycle travel data, the information could be used for aiding decision making as to what types of facilities users prefer and guiding decisions about future facilities. If adequate facilities were provided, the

... UTCM 11-35-69

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The transition to low speed vehicles for intra-city travel


[2012 ] ... Katherine Anne Larsen, B.A.; B.S.Ch.; M.S.C.R.P.; M.S.E. · A transition to low speed vehicles (LSVs), a federally-designated class of vehicles smaller, lighter and slower (limited to maximum speeds between 20 and 25 mph) than conventional automobiles, for intra-city travel offers several advantages. Their smaller size provides

Larsen 2012 Diss.

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Using existing highway right-of-way for high-speed passenger trains : a comprehensive evaluation


[2010] ... by Katherine Anne Larsen, B.A., B.S., M.S.C.R.P · The implementation of high-speed passenger trains (HST) within existing highway right-of-way (ROW) offers a solution for regions with a demand for the capacity and service offered by HST but lacking the support for sharing freight rail ROW or acquiring new ROW corridors. The

Larsen 2010 Thesis

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