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Network modeling. Volume 2
2015 ... [various authors] · "TRB?s Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, No. 2498 consists of 13 papers covering the following topics relating to network modeling: Markov Chain Modeling of Pavement Surfacing, Heuristic Approach to Capacitated Traffic Assignment Problem for Large-Scale
TRR 2498 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2498
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Network modeling, 2012. Volume 1
2012 ... [various authors] · TRR No. 2283 consists of 14 papers that explore vehicle routing problems, emergency inventory management, traffic flow modeling, student transportation in rural areas, pricing toll lanes, and others. · CONTENTS: Includes "Path-constrained traffic assignment: Model and algorithm" / Nan Jiang, Chi Xie, S.Travis
TRR 2283 ... TRR 2283 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2283
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Traffic Operations and Safety Benefits of Active Traffic Strategies on TxDOT Freeways
2011 ... N. Nezamuddin [and four others] · Traffic congestion is an increasing problem in the nation's urban areas, leading to personal inconvenience, increased pollution, hampered economic productivity, and reduced quality of life. While traffic congestion tends to continuously increase, growth in transportation infrastructure is limited by
6576-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-12/0-6576-1
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Safety Implications of Using Active Traffic Strategies on TxDOT Freeways
2011 ... RS: S. Travis Waller; Researchers: Nan Jiang [and three others] · This project developed a series of interdependent models and a simulation framework to evaluate the traffic operations and safety benefits of active traffic management strategies (ATM) strategies. Four ATM scenarios were evaluated in this study: variable speed
6576 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6576-s ... Project Summary Report, 0-6576
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