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0-6697-CTR, Integration of Data Sources to Optimize Freight Transportation in Texas
[2017] ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Dr. C. Michael Walton; Researchers: Dan Seedah [and eight others] · "The 2012 Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21)... stipulations expand agencies’ interest in freight initiatives and modeling within statewide planning
6697 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6697-S ... Project Summary
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Integrating Public and Private Data Sources for Freight Transportation Planning
2014 ... Dan Seedah [and ten others] · The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) stipulates that state transportation agencies expand their interest in freight initiatives and modeling to support planning efforts, particularly the evaluation of current and future freight transportation capacity necessary to ensure
6697-CTR-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-14/0-6697-CTR-1
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Freight Data Architecture Business Process, Logical Data Model, and Physical Data Model
2014 ... Dr. C. Michael Walton [and six others] · "In November 2011, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) funded a study to integrate data from multiple sources to optimize freight transportation planning efforts in the state. The Center for Transportation (CTR) study team was commissioned to explore the feasibility of entering
6697-CTR-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-6697-CTR-P1
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Abandoned Rail Corridors in Texas : A Policy and Infrastructure Evaluation
2011 ... Curtis Morgan [and seven others] · The use of existing and abandoned railroad rights-of-way has been a proven method of acquiring linear corridors for the construction of roadways since the formation of the Texas Highway Department. Either paralleling existing rail lines or re-using corridors first used by railroad companies
6268-1 [TTI] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6268-1
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Acquisition, Uses, & Funding Options for Abandoned Rail Corridors
2010 ... RS: Curtis A. Morgan, TTI; Researchers: Rebecca Barkley [and six others] · Researchers from the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) and the Center for Transportation Research (CTR) undertook a multifaceted study to examine several issues associated with acquisition, preservation, and re-use of abandoned rail corridors in
6268-Summary [TTI] ... PSR 0-6268-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-6268
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Potential Use of Longer Combination Vehicles in Texas : First Year Report
2010 ... C.M. Walton [and nine others] · Trucking remains the only major freight mode not to benefit from increases in size and weight regulations since 1982. The need for more productive trucks both longer (LTL) and heavier (TL) is growing with economic activity, rising fuel costs and concerns over environmental impacts from
6095-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-10/0-6095-1
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· https://ctr.utexas.edu/wp-content/uploads/pubs/0_6095_1Workshop.pdf
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Evaluating Mexican Transportation Planning Processes and Implications for Texas Transportation Assets
2009 ... Lisa Loftus-Otway [and five others] · Mexico is Texas' largest trading partner, and consequently they share an interest in increasing trade volumes across their 1,254 mile border. Mexico's recent attention to transportation infrastructure and announcement of its five-year National Infrastructure Plan (NIP), are expected to
5985 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-5985 ... Project Summary Report, 0-5985
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Evaluation of TxDOT's J.A.C.K. Model for Revenue and Expenditure Projections
2009 ... Khali R. Persad [and six others] · This research report documents work conducted by the Center for Transportation (CTR) at The University of Texas at Austin in analyzing the Joint Analysis using the Combined Knowledge (J.A.C.K.) program. This program was developed by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)
6395-CT-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-09/0-6395-CT-1
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An Evaluation of Mexican Transportation Planning, Finance and Implementation Processes
2009 ... Lisa Loftus-Otway [and five others] · This research examined the legal, financial, institutional and policy processes that Mexico uses to plan, finance, construct, and implement its transportation network. It documents through twelve case studies the state of the practice in planning, financing, conducting traffic and revenue studies,
5985-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-10/0-5985-1
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Directory of Key Contacts
2009 ... Jolanda Prozzi [and five others] · Contact list for CTR 5985-P2 · Publ. by: University of Texas at Austin. Center for Transportation Research (CTR).
5985-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-5985-P1
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Communications Materials on Methods of Development of Revenue and Cost Estimates to Non-Technical Audiences
2009 ... Khali Persad [and six others] · This CDROM includes PDFs of presentations on the following topics: "TXDOT Revenue and Expenditure Trends;" "Examine Highway Fund Diversions, & Benchmark Texas Vehicle Registration Fees;" "Evaluation of the JACK Model;" "Future highway construction cost trends;" "Fuel Efficiency
6395-CT-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6395-CT-P2
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Online resource not available.
In-Depth Analysis of the JACK Model
2009 ... Khali R. Persad [and six others] · Recently, as part of a comprehensive analysis of budget and funding options, a TxDOT special task force has examined the agency's current financial forecasting methods and has developed a model designed to estimate future State Highway Fund revenues and expenditures. The Joint Analysis
6395-P3 [CTR] ... Product 0-6395-P3
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