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Travel demand forecasting. Volume 1
2015 ... [various authors] · · CONTENTS: Foreword -- Population synthesis in activity-based models: tabular rounding in iterative proportional fitting / Abdoul-Ahad Choupani and Amir Reza Mamdoohi -- Estimating route choice models from stochastically generated choice sets on large-scale networks: correcting for unequal sampling
TRR 2493 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2493
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Intersection Auctions and Reservation-Based Control in Dynamic Traffic Assignment
[2015] ... Michael W. Levin, Stephen D. Boyles · Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology is maturing, with AVs test-driving on public roads. A promising intersection control policy (TBR) proposed by Dresner and Stone (1) offers the potential to improve intersection capacity beyond the capabilities of optimized traffic signals. Although TBR has been
Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Levin
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A Transit Route Choice Model for Application in Dynamic Transit Assignment
[2014] ... Alireza Khani [and 4 others] · A logit transit route choice model is estimated using Capital Metro's on-board survey data. The model is supposed to capture more detailed path attributes and user characteristics such as fare, value of time and user type. The goal is to use the route choice model in a schedule-based transit assignment
Poster 2014 CTR Symp: Khani
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Multiagent Incentive-based Locomotion Optimizer : Toll roads for autonomous vehicles in urban areas
[2014] ... Dustin Carlino [and 3 others] · Road pricing mechanisms, like toll roads, exist to address traffic congestion. This project introduces MILO (Multiagent Incentive-based Locomotion Optimizer), a multi-agent system that places dynamic tolls on all roads and intersections to incentivize drivers to diversify their routes and utilize
Poster 2014 CTR Symp: Carlino
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Developing Tolled-Route Demand Estimation Capabilities for Texas : Opportunities for Enhancement of Existing Models
2014 ... by Kevin Hall [and five others] · The travel demand models developed and applied by the Transportation Planning and Programming Division (TPP) of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) are daily three-step models (i.e., trip generation, trip distribution, and traffic assignment sequentially invoked). Currently, TxDOT TPP
6754-1 [TTI] ... FHWA/TX-14/0-6754-1
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Game-Theoretic Analysis of Dynamic Traffic Equilibria
2014 ... By Stephen D. Boyles, Christopher Melson, Tarun Rambha, Jennifer C. Duthie · Dynamic traffic assignment has grown steadily in popularity and use since its inception. It has become an important and permanent tool in transportation agencies across the country. However, the exact nature of dynamic traffic equilibrium,
2014-600451-00079-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/14/600451-00079-1
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0-6754, Review of Tolling Approaches for Implementation within TxDOT’s Travel Demand Models
[2014] ... Research Performed by: Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI), Center for Transportation Research (CTR); Research Supervisor: Kevin Hall; Researchers: Kara Kockelman [and five others] · "The urban travel demand models developed and applied by the Transportation Planning and Programming Division of the Texas
6754 Summary [TTI] ... PSR 0-6754-S ... Project Summary
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Game Theory and Traffic Assignment
2013 ... by Tarun Rambha, Stephen D. Boyles · Traffic assignment is used to determine the number of users on roadway links in a network. While this problem has been widely studied in transportation literature, its use of the concept of equilibrium has attracted considerable interest in the field of game theory. The approaches used in both
2013-600451-00065-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/13/600451-00065-1
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Investigating Regional Dynamic Traffic Assignment Modeling for Improved Bottleneck Analysis. Final Report
2013 ... Jennifer C. Duthie [and eight others] · This research employed dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) modeling to study the network-wide impact of bottleneck alleviation measures taken by TxDOT on MoPac Expressway in downtown Austin. The measures led to a small improvement in MoPac travel conditions and no major
6657-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6657-1
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Project Evaluation Toolkit (PET) for Abstracted Networks
2013 ... Kara Kockelman [and three others] · This report summarizes the research completed for TxDOT Project No. 5-6235-01 and discusses the implications and future applications of the work. This project extended the capabilities of the Project Evaluation Toolkit (PET), while introducing the software to a large network of potential
6235-01-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/5-6235-01-1
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User's Guide for PET : Project Evaluation Toolkit : A Sketch-Planning Toolkit for Evaluating Highway Transportation Projects, Version 2.0
2013 ... Dr. Kara Kockelman [and four others] · "Transportation planning involves evaluating the congestion, safety, emissions, and other impacts of large-scale network improvements and policy implementations. This document is a User's Guide for the Project Evaluation Toolkit (PET), a sketch planning toolkit developed for
6487-P1 [CTR] ... 0-6487-P1 / 5-6235-01-P1; Product 5-6235-01-P2; Product 5-6235-01-P3; Product 5-
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A Project Evaluation Toolkit (PET) for Abstracted Networks : Final Report
2013 ... Kara Kockelman, Dan Fagnant, Brice Nichols, Steve Boyles · This report summarizes research for TxDOT Project No. 0-6487, which enhanced and expanded the open-source Project Evaluation Toolkit (PET) to evaluate operational strategies for transport project (and policy) impact evaluation. Such strategies include
6487-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-2013/0-6487-1
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0-6657, Investigating Regional Dynamic Traffic Assignment Modeling for Improved Bottleneck Analysis
2013 ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: S. Travis Waller; Researchers: Jennifer C. Duthie [and seven others] · "The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) made geometric changes to the MoPac Expressway near the downtown Austin area in September 2010 to alleviate the
6657 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6657-S ... Project Summary Report
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0-6487, Development of a Performance Measurement-Based Methodology to Objectively Compare Operational Improvements with Capacity Additions
2013 ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Dr. Kara Kockelman; Researchers: Stephen Boyles, Daniel Fagnant, Brice Nichols · "Preliminary project analysis and comparison are important for agencies in funding considerations and anticipating network impacts. Agencies are presented with
6487 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6487-S ... Project Summary Report
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Guidebook on DTA Data Needs and Interface Options for integration into the Planning Process
2012 ... Jennifer Duthie [and four others] · "The goals of this guidebook are three-fold: 1) outline the data needed to run a dynamic traffic assignment (DTA) model, 2) propose methods for integrating DTA with macroscopic planning models and microscopic simulation models, and 3) propose methods for integrating DTA within the four-
6657-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-6657-P1
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Robust Pricing of Transportation Networks Under Uncertainty
2010 ... Stephen D. Boyles, Lauren Gardner and S. Travis Waller · Both public and private entities are concerned with the impacts of future toll revenue, and the effects of tolled facilities on system congestion. Due to the inherent complexity of transportation systems, it is impossible to predict travel demand and congestion conditions exactly,
2010- 169206-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/10/169206-1
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Quantifying Travel Time Variability in Transportation Networks
2010 ... Stephen D. Boyles, Avinash Voruganti and S. Travis Waller · Nonrecurring congestion creates significant delay on freeways in urban areas, lending importance to the study of facility reliability. In locations where traffic detectors record and archive data, approximate probability distributions for travel speed or other quantities of
2010- 167275-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/10/167275-1
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Utilizing the Data Collected at Traffic Management Centers for Planning Purposes Through Non-Traditional Sources and Improved Equipment
2008 ... RS: S. Travis Waller; Researchers: Stephen Boyles [and eight others] · With ever increasing demands placed on their resources, all transportation agencies must seek innovative methods for achieving their objectives. Transportation system monitoring presents a highly valuable opportunity for improved efficiency through
5686 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-5686-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-5686
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Archiving, Sharing, and Quantifying Reliability of Traffic Data
2008 ... S. Travis Waller [and nine others] · Vast quantities of transportation data are automatically recorded by intelligent transportation infrastructure, such as inductive loop detectors, video cameras, and side-fire radar devices. Such devices are typically deployed by traffic management centers (TMCs), and the data used for
5686-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-09/0-5686-1
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Ramp Treatment and Dynamic Closure Strategies for Incident Traffic Management.
2007 ... RS: S. Travis Waller; Researchers: Stephen Boyles [and three others] · As traffic congestion levels throughout the nation continue to increase, huge amounts of research, political, and technical effort have been invested to alleviate the negative impacts of congestion. Most freeway congestion is a result of nonrecurring events
5422 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-5422-s ... Project Summary Report, 0-5422
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Ramp Closure Strategies for Incident Management
2007 ... Travis Waller, Stephen Boyles, David Fajardo and Ampol Karoonsoontawong · Non-recurring congestion accounts for a significant portion of freeway delay experienced by motorists in both rural and urban areas. Because access to these facilities is controlled by on ramps, these can play a major role in minimizing the impact that
5422-1 [CTR] ... 0-5422-1
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Incident Duration Prediction Models
2007 ... prepared by Travis Waller and Stephen Boyles · CDROM includes software documentation and NBDIS executable program. | "NBIDS is designed to predict incident duration (one common measure of severity) in real-time, using historical incident data with a minimum of calibration effort. Chapter 2 [documentation] guides the
5422-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-5422-P2
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