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Travel Modeling in an Era of Connected and Automated Transportation Systems : An Investigation in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area
2017 ... James Kuhr [and six others (CTR)]; Thomas Bamonte, Arash Mirzaei, Hong Zheng (NCTCOG); Research Supervisor: Chandra Bhat · The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) engaged D-STOP to conduct a planned four-year study to analyze the status and progress of connected/autonomous vehicle (CAV)
DSTOP Report 122 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2017/122 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 120
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Travel Demand Forecasting. Volume 1
2016 ... [various authors] · "This issue contains sixteen papers about travel demand forecasting. Specific topics addressed in this issue include long- and short-distance personal travel; predicting long-distance travel for the entire U.S. population; long-range regional safety evaluation; applications of a joint time-of-day and route choice
TRR 2563 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2563
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Combining Millimeter-Wave Radar and Communication Paradigms for Automotive Applications : A Signal Processing Approach
2016 ... Robert W. Heath Jr.; Junil Choi [and five others] · As driving becomes more automated, vehicles are being equipped with more sensors generating even higher data rates. Radars (RAdio Detection and Ranging) are used for object detection, visual cameras as virtual mirrors, and LIDARs (LIght Detection and Ranging) for
DSTOP Report 106 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/106 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 106
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The Formulation and Estimation of a Spatial Skew-Normal Generalized Ordered-Response Model
2016 ... Chandra R. Bhat, Sebastian Astroza, Amin S. Hambdi · This paper proposes a new spatial generalized ordered response model with skew-normal kernel error terms and an associated estimation method. It contributes to the spatial analysis field by allowing a flexible and parametric skew-normal distribution for the kernel error term
DSTOP Report 117 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/117 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 117
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A Latent Class Multiple Constraint Multiple Discrete-Continuous Extreme Value Model of Time Use and Goods Consumption
2016 ... Chandra R. Bhat [and three others] · This paper develops a microeconomic theory-based multiple discrete continuous choice model that considers: (a) that both goods consumption and time allocations (to work and non-work activities) enter separately as decision variables in the utility function, (b) that both time and money
DSTOP Report 118 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/118 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 118
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0-6877 (Phase 1), Communications and Radar-Supported Transportation Operations and Planning (CAR-STOP)
[2016] ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Chandra Bhat; Researchers: Michael Motro [and twelve others] · "A recent NHTSA report indicates that more than 80% of all annual car crashes could be prevented by vehicular communications. To that end, the focus of this project was to
6877 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6877-S ... Project Summary
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0-6692, Truck-Rail Intermodal Flows : A Corridor Toolkit
[2016] ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Robert Harrison; Researchers: Dan Seedah, Travis Owens, Chandra Bhat · "Freight moves across a variety of routes, modes, and transfer points while meeting shipper-specified needs such as speed, security, reliability, safety and cost.
6692 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6692-S ... Project Summary
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Intercity Passenger Rail in the Context of Dynamic Travel Markets
2016 ... RSG; in association with Matthew Coogan [and six others] · "This report develops an analytical framework or structural plan to improve understanding of how current or potential intercity travelers make the choice to travel by rail. This framework provides guidance for use by practitioners and decision makers considering
NCRRP Report 4 ... Report (National Cooperative Rail Research Program - NCRRP), 4
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A Comprehensive Dwelling Unit Choice Model Accommodating Psychological Constructs within a Search Strategy for Consideration Set Formation
2015 ... Chandra Bhat · This study adopts a dwelling unit level of analysis and considers a probabilistic choice set generation approach for residential choice modeling. In doing so, we accommodate the fact that housing choices involve both characteristics of the dwelling unit and its location, while also mimicking the search process that
DSTOP Report 119 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2015/119 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 119
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A New Spatial (Social) Interaction Discrete Choice Model Accommodating for Unobserved Effects due to Endogenous Network Formation
2015 ... Chandra Bhat · This paper formulates a model that extends the traditional panel discrete choice model to include social/spatial dependencies in the form of dyadic interactions between each pair of decision-makers. In addition, the formulation accommodates spatial correlation effects as well as allows a global spatial structure to be
DSTOP Report 114 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2015/114 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 114
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A New Generalized Heterogeneous Data Model (GHDM) to Jointly Model Mixed Types of Dependent Variables
2015 ... Chandra R. Bhat · This paper formulates a generalized heterogeneous data model (GHDM) that jointly handles mixed types of dependent variables—including multiple nominal outcomes, multiple ordinal variables, and multiple count variables, as well as multiple continuous variables—by representing the covariance relationships
DSTOP Report 113 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2015/113 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 113
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An Empirical Investigation into the Time-use and Activity Patterns of Dual-Earner Couples With and Without Young Children
2015 ... Christina Bernardo, Rajesh Paleti, Megan Hoklas, Chandra Bhat · This paper examines the time-use patterns of adults in dual-earner households with and without children as a function of several individual and household socio-demographics and employment characteristics. A disaggregate activity purpose classification
DSTOP Report 112 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2015/112 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 112
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On Accommodating Spatial Interactions in a Generalized Heterogeneous Data Model (GHDM) of Mixed Types of Dependent Variables
2015 ... Chandra Bhat, Subodh K. Dubey, Abdul R. Pinjari · We develop an econometric framework for incorporating spatial dependence in integrated model systems of latent variables and multidimensional mixed data outcomes. The framework combines Bhat’s Generalized Heterogeneous Data Model (GHDM) with a spatial
DSTOP Report 120 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2016/120 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 120
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Travel demand forecasting. Volume 1
2015 ... [various authors] · · CONTENTS: Foreword -- Population synthesis in activity-based models: tabular rounding in iterative proportional fitting / Abdoul-Ahad Choupani and Amir Reza Mamdoohi -- Estimating route choice models from stochastically generated choice sets on large-scale networks: correcting for unequal sampling
TRR 2493 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2493
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A Novel Approach to Modeling and Predicting Crash Frequency at Rural Intersections by Crash Type and Injury Severity Level
2015 ... by Jun Deng, Marisol Castro, Chandra R. Bhat · Safety at intersections is of significant interest to transportation professionals due to the large number of possible conflicts that occur at those locations. In particular, rural intersections have been recognized as one of the most hazardous locations on roads. However, most models
2015 600451-00077-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/15/600451-00077-1
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0-6810, Guidelines for Applying Right Turn Slip Lanes
2015 ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Jennifer Duthie, Researchers: Mason Gemar, Zeina Wafa, Chandra Bhat · "Right-turn slip lanes are advantageous to motorists because they reduce delays by separating right-turning traffic from adjacent lanes and accommodating higher-
6810 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6810-S ... Project Summary
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Improved Trip Generation Data for Texas Using Work Place and Special Generator Survey Data
2015 ... by Edwin Hard [and eight others] · Travel estimates from models and manuals developed from trip attraction rates having high variances due to few survey observations can reduce confidence and accuracy in estimates. This project compiled and analyzed data from more than a decade of work place and special generator
6760-1 [TTI] ... FHWA/TX-15/0-6760-1
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A Report on the Development of Guidelines for Applying Right-Turn Slip Lanes
2015 ... Mason Gemar [and three others] · This report serves as a summary of the research process regarding the application of right-turn slip lanes in the state of Texas. The work plan was divided into three phases: a review of available literature on the design and operation of right-turn slip lanes, focus group meetings to discuss the
6810-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-14/0-6810-1
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Texas Trip Generation Manual. Volumes 1-4 -- 1st edition, DRAFT 8/15/14
2015 ... [E.N. Hard, B.T. Chigoy, L.L. Green, C.R. Bhat, S.K. Dubey] · The purpose of this Manual is to provide a summary of Texas trip generation data for various Land Use Codes (LUCs) and time periods, for data obtained from workplace and special generator (WSG) surveys performed as part of the Texas Travel Survey Program
6760-P1 [TTI] ... Product 0-6760-P1
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Improved Trip Generation Data for Texas Using Workplace and Special Generator Surveys : Workshop Materials
2015 ... [E.N. Hard, B.T. Chigoy, L.L. Green, C.R. Bhat, S.K. Dubey] · On August 18, 2014, Researchers from TTI and CTR presented a 4-hour workshop to TxDOT as part of their fulfillment of Task 8 for TxDOT Research Project 0-6760. Workshop objectives: Present Texas Trip Generation Manual (How developed / How it can be used, built upon
6760-P2 [TTI] ... Product 0-6760-P2
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Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay for Advanced Vehicle Technology Options and Fuel Types
[2015] ... Jungwoo Shin, Ph.D., Chandra R. Bhat, Ph.D., Daehyun You, Venu M. Garikapati, Ram M. Pendyala · The automotive industry is witnessing a revolution with the advent of advanced vehicular technologies, smart vehicle options, and fuel alternatives. However, there is very limited research on consumer preferences for these
Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Shin
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Latent-Segmentation Based Approach to Investigating the Spatial Transferability of Activity-Travel Models
[2015] ... Zeina Wafa, Chandra R. Bhat, Ram M. Pendyala, Venu M. Garikapati · Spatial transferability of travel demand models has been an issue of considerable interest, particularly for small and medium sized planning areas that often do not have the resources and staff time to collect large scale travel survey data and estimate model
Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Wafa
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Introducing Non-Normality of Latent Psychological Constructs in Choice Modeling with an Application to Bicyclist Route Choice
[2015] ... Chandra R. Bhat, Subodh K. Dubey, Kai Nagel · The use of latent psychological constructs (such as attitudes, perception, values and beliefs) in random utility model (Integrated Choice and Latent Variable (ICLV)) provides the necessary nexus between predictive and behavioral choice analysis approaches. The popularity of
Poster 2015 CTR Symp: Bhat
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0-6760, Improved Trip Generation Data for Texas Using Workplace and Special Generator Surveys
2015 ... Research Performed by: Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Center for Transportation Research-the University of Texas at Austin; Research Supervisor: Ed Hard (TTI); Researchers: Chandra Bhat (CTR) [and seven others] · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT has a robust source of over a decade's worth of
6760 Summary [TTI] ... PSR 0-6760-S ... Project Summary
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Managing the TDM Process : Developing MPO Institutional Capacity. Technical Report
2015 ... by Karen Lorenzini [and five others] · Within Texas, the development of urban travel demand models (TDMs) is a cooperative process between the Texas Department of Transportation and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). Though TxDOT - Transportation Planning and Programming Division is responsible for
6691-1 [TTI] ... FHWA/TX-15/0-6691-1
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Characteristics of Premium Transit Services that Affect Choice of Mode
2014 ... Maren Outwater [and ten others] · "Traditionally, travel models use travel time and cost to assess the usefulness of each mode of transportation to make a particular trip. Other factors that affect the selection of mode are accounted for using a single constant term that represents other attributes. In many cases, these attributes
TCRP Report 166 ... Transit Cooperative Research Program Report (TCRP Report), 166
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A New Estimation Approach to Integrate Latent Psychological Constructs in Choice Modeling
2014 ... Chandra Bhat, Subodh K. Dubey · In the current paper, we propose a new multinomial probit-based model formulation for integrated choice and latent variable (ICLV) models, which, as we show in the paper, has several important advantages relative to the traditional logit kernel-based ICLV formulation. Combining this MNP-
DSTOP Report 102 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2014/102 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 102
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The Composite Marginal Likelihood (CML) Inference Approach with Applications to Discrete and Mixed Dependent Variable Models
2014 ... Chandra Bhat · This report presents the basics of the composite marginal likelihood (CML) inference approach, discussing the asymptotic properties of the CML estimator and the advantages and limitations of the approach. The CML inference approach is a relatively simple approach that can be used when the full likelihood
DSTOP Report 101 [CTR] ... DSTOP/2014/101 ... Technical Report (D-STOP), 101
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On the Impacts of Time Resolution in the Integration of Activity-based and Assignment Models
[2014] ... Nan Jiang [and four others] · This work studies the impacts on model performance, sensitivity and results of utilizing different temporal resolution levels for the skims fed to the travel demand component of an integrated ABM-DTA modeling approach. Numerical experiments on real networks will be used to identify trends
Poster 2014 CTR Symp: Jiang
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Business Process Model / Logical Data Model
[2014] ... Jun Deng [and five others] · "Changing modeling needs over the past few years, spurred by the evolving policy contexts of transportation planning and emerging technologies, have led the planning community to explore tour-based and activity-based modeling paradigms as an alternative to the traditional trip-based modeling
6759-P2/P3 [CTR] ... Product 0-6759-P2; Product 0-6759-P3
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· http://library.ctr.utexas.edu/ctr-publications/0-6759-P3.zip
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Travel behavior 2014. Volume 2.
2014 ... [various authors] · "This issue contains 11 papers concerned with travel behavior. Specific topics addressed include: long-distance work and leisure travel frequencies; car usage time frontiers incorporating both inter- and intraindividual variation; discrepancy analysis of activity sequences; weekend and discretionary activity
TRR 2413 ... TRR 2413 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR)
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0-6759, Developing a Business Process and Logical Model to Support a Tour-Based Travel Demand Model Design for TxDOT
[2014] ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Chandra R. Bhat; Researchers: Jun Deng [and four others] · "The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) created a standardized trip-based modeling approach for travel demand modeling called the Texas Package Suite of Travel
6759 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6759-S ... Project Summary
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Developing a Mode Choice Model for Small and Medium MPOs
2014 ... Subodh Dubey [and five others] · This project developed a process and framework for generating the inputs needed for estimating a travel mode choice model that includes the transit mode, and developing a framework for implementing the results of an estimated travel mode choice model to project mode shares in
6766-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-14/0-6766-1
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Forecasting Tool User Manual
2014 ... Chandra Bhat [and three others] · "The Excel-based forecasting tool allows users to provide a mode choice model along with various skims (in-vehicle travel time, out-of-vehicle travel time, travel distance, and travel cost) in order to calculate the mode share at both the traffic analysis zone (TAZ) level and individual level. It also
6766-P1 [CTR] ... Product 0-6766-P1
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Workshop Presentation
[2014] ... Subodh Dubey [and five others] · "On December 18, 2013, the research team hosted a workshop at CTR to gather feedback on and generate discussion of the mode choice model that was developed [as part of Project 0-6766, "A Generic Mode Choice Model Applicable for Small and Medium-Sized MPOs"]. Attendees included
6766-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6766-P2
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Business Process and Logical Model to Support a Tour-Based Travel Demand
2014 ... Jun Deng [and five others] · Changing modeling needs over the past few years, spurred by the evolving policy contexts of transportation planning and emerging technologies, have led the planning community to explore tour-based and activity-based modeling paradigms as an alternative to the traditional trip-based modeling
6759-1 / P1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-14/0-6759-1; Product 0-6759-P1
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0-6766, A Generic Mode Choice Model Applicable for Small and Medium-Sized MPOs
[2014] ... Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Chandra R. Bhat; Researchers: Marisol Castro [and four others] · "Due to the projected population growth increase in Texas and the continued increase in total motorized vehicle miles traveled in Texas, the Texas Department of Transportation
6766 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6766-S ... Project Summary
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0-6696, Incorporating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions in Long-Range Transportation Planning
[2014] ... Research Performed by: Texas A&M Transportation Institute [and Center for Transportation Research]; Supervisor: Josias Zietsman; Researchers: Megan Kenney [and nine others] · "Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions continue to be an important focus area for state, local, and federal agencies. The transportation sector is the
6696 Summary [TTI] ... PSR 0-6696-S ... Project Summary
Full-text Link:
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Incorporating Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Long Range Transportation Planning : Final Report
2014 ... by Megan Kenney [and eight others] · Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions continue to be an important focus area for state, local, and federal agencies. The transportation sector is the second biggest contributor to GHG emissions in the U.S., and Texas contributes the highest emissions among states in the country. Many
6696-1 [TTI] ... FHWA/TX-14/0-6696-1
Full-text Link:
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Evaluating Truck and Rail Movements along Competitive Multimodal Corridors
2014 ... Dan Seedah [and three others] · Texas faces increased freight demands from population growth and economic success, with little prospect of adding substantial capacity to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) principal highway networks. In Texas's truck-dominated intrastate corridors, can railroads offer
6692-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6692-1
Full-text Link:
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Travel behavior 2013. Volume 1
2013 ... [various authors] · "[TRR] No. 2382 consists of 19 papers that explore commuting by bicycle in Madrid, Spain; the accuracy of geoimputation; travel time frontiers; elderly transport mobility and subjective well-being; the willingness to pay for managed-lane systems; uncertainty in predicted sequences of activity travel episodes;
TRR 2382 ... TRR 2382 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2382
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New Spatial Multiple Discrete-Continuous Modeling Approach to Land Use Change Analysis
2013 ... Subodh K. Dubey and Chandra R. Bhat · This report formulates a multiple discrete-continuous probit (MDCP) land-use model within a spatially explicit economic structural framework for land-use change decisions. The spatial MDCP model is capable of predicting both the type and intensity of urban development patterns over large
2013-600451-00063-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/13/600451-00063-1
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Travel Demand Forecasting 2013. Volume 1
2013 ... [various authors] · "This issue contains 13 papers concerned with travel demand forecasting. Specific topics addressed include: tour-based models of public transport use; out-of-home leisure activity choices; automated inference of linked transit journeys; service-related traffic demand; the value of business travel time
TRR 2343 ... TRR 2343 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2343
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An AHP-based Approach to Prioritizing Resources for Highway Routine Maintenance
2013 ... Epigmenio Gonzalez [and six others] · The Texas Department of Transportation has been experiencing maintenance budget fluctuations recently. The budget shortage has a negative impact on the agency's maintenance strategies and results in the undesirable deterioration of highway conditions, increasing the risk for both road users
6623-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/0-6623-2
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An Integrated Approach to Managing the Finance, Maintenance, and Operation of Transportation Systems
2013 ... Zhanmin Zhang [and eight others] · With the continued increase of demand on Texas highways, the consumption rate of our roads will accelerate due to the constrained funding for maintenance. Our highways represent a multi-billion dollar investment in our transportation system. Given the extent of the Texas highway
701-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-13/6-0701-1
Full-text Link:
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0-6691, Managing the TDM Process : Developing MPO Institutional Capacity
2013 ... Research Performed by: Texas A&M Transportation Institute; Research Supervisor: Karen Lorenzini, TTI; Researchers: Chandra Bhat, UT [and four others · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is invested in and committed to supporting the state’s metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) in their travel forecasting
6691 Summary [TTI] ... PSR 0-6691-S ... Project Summary Report
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On Modeling Telecommuting Behavior : Option, Choice, and Frequency
2012 ... Palvinder Singh, Rajesh Paleti · The current study contributes to the already substantial literature on telecommuting by estimating a joint model of three dimensions- option, choice and frequency of telecommuting, The unique methodological features of this study include the use of a general and flexible generalized ordered-
Poster 2012 CTR Symp : Singh
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A Joint Household-Level Analysis of Work Arrangement Choices of Individuals
2012 ... Mubassira Khan · This paper presents a comprehensive multi-dimensional multivariate binary probit model system capable of simultaneously representing multiple aspects of individual work arrangement decisions, while also accounting for interactions among household members in individual employment related choices. The
Poster 2012 TRB Annual: Khan
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Travel demand forecasting, 2012. Volume 1
2012 ... [various authors] · "This issue contains 21 papers concerned with the following aspects of travel demand forecasting: sketch planning; spatial transferability of tour-generation models; discrete choice estimator properties; emission pricing for large transportation networks; probit Bayes estimator in discrete choice modeling; estimating
TRR 2302 ... TRR 2302 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2302
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Travel Behavior 2012. Volume 2
2012 ... [various authors] · "This issue contains 12 papers that address the following aspects of travel behavior: understanding peoples' sense of place through the use of the mixed-method approach; modeling traveler response to park-and-ride; automobility; elderly travel patterns; structural equations model of land use patterns, location
TRR 2323 ... TRR 2323 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2323
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Accommodating Multiple Constraints in the Multiple Discrete-Continuous Extreme Value (MDCEV) Choice Model
[2012] ... Marisol Castro [and three others] · Multiple-discrete continuous choice models formulated and applied in recent years consider a single linear resource constraint, which, when combined with consumer preferences, determines the optimal consumption point. However, in reality, consumers face multiple resource constraints such
Poster 2012 TRB Annual: Castro
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Optimizing Resource Allocations for Highway Routine Maintenance
2012 ... [Research Performed by: Center for Transportation Research; Research Supervisor: Zhanmin Zhang; Researchers: Mike Murphy and six others] · "The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is responsible for maintaining more than 190,000 lane miles of highways. TxDOT is not only obligated to preserve the pavements in
6623-Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6623-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-6623
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Optimizing Resource Allocations for Routine Highway Maintenance : Workshop Summary
2012 ... Epigmenio Gonzalez [and six others] · This document contains information about a workshop held November 8, 2010, on the topic of TxCAP for TxDOT research project 0-6623. "The Texas Condition Assessment Program (TxCAP) combines information from PMIS, TxMAP, and TxTAP to get an overall picture of state roads.
6623-P2 [CTR] ... Product 0-6623-P2
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The Design of a Comprehensive Microsimulator of Household Vehicle Fleet Composition, Utilization, and Evolution
2012 ... by Rajesh Paleti, Naveen Eluru, Chandra R. Bhat, Ram M. Pendyala, Thomas J. Adler, Konstadinos G. Goulias · The report describes a comprehensive vehicle fleet composition, utilization, and evolution simulator that can be used to forecast household vehicle ownership and mileage by type of vehicle over time. The components of
2012-161120-1 [CTR] ... 161120-1
Full-text Link:
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Travel Demand Forecasting : Parameters and Techniques
2012 ... Cambridge Systematics, Inc. [and five others] · "This report... provides guidelines on travel demand forecasting procedures and their application for solving common transportation problems. The report presents a range of approaches that allow users to determine the level of detail and sophistication in selecting modeling and
NCHRP Report 716 ... NCHRP Report 716 ... Report (National Cooperative Highway Research Program -
Full-text Link:
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Positive Feedback : Exploring Current Approaches in Iterative Travel Demand Model Implementation -- REVISED 3/9/2012
2012 ... by Phillip Reeder [and three others] · Currently, the models that TxDOT's Transportation Planning and Programming Division (TPP) developed are traditional three-step models (i.e., trip generation, trip distribution, and traffic assignment) that are sequentially applied. A limitation of this sequential approach is an inconsistency between
6632-1 [TTI] ... FHWA/TX-12/0-6632-1
Full-text Link:
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The Design of a Comprehensive Microsimulator of Household Vehicle Fleet Composition, Utilization, and Evolution
[2011] ... Rajesh Paleti [and five others] · Describes a comprehensive vehicle fleet composition, utilization, and evolution simulator that can be used to forecast household vehicle ownership and mileage by type of vehicle overtime. Detailed revealed- and stated-preferenced at a on household vehicle fleet composition, utilization, and
Poster 2011 CTR Symp: Paleti
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A Joint Model of Participation in Non-Work Activities and Time-of-Day Choice Set Formation For Workers
2011 ... Marisol Castro, Naveen Eluru, Chandra Bhat, and Ram Pendyala · Non-work activity and travel participation is an important component of overall travel demand that is complex to model as the greater degrees of flexibility associated with such travel induces larger variability and randomness in this behavior. This paper aims to
Poster 2011 TRB Annual: Castro
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GIS-based Resources for Selected Demand Response Transit (DRT) Providers Within Texas / Ready-to-Apply Versions of the DRT Accessibility Tool for the Selected DRT Providers Within Texas
2011 ... By: Chandra Bhat · "This comprehensive guide provides all of the information necessary to effectively use the Demand Response Transit (DRT) Accessibility Tool, including background literature, underlying methodology, and step-by-step instructions. The DRT Accessibility Tool was developed to provide the Texas
5178-03-P1/P2 [CTR] ... Product 5-5178-03-P1; Product 5-5178-03-P2
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Travel Forecasting 2011. Volume 1
2011 ... [various authors] · "This [TRR] issue contains 18 papers on the following aspects of travel demand forecasting: behavioral foundation of route choice and traffic assignment; the information matrix in mixed logit models estimation; design features of activity-based models; dynamic activity generation models; the underlying
TRR 2254 ... TRR 2254 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2254
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Travel Forecasting 2011. Volume 2
2011 ... [various authors] · · CONTENTS: Includes 2011 Pyke Johnson Award winning paper "Joint Model of Vehicle Type Choice and Tour Length" / Karthik C. Konduri, et al. -- Includes "Development of Indicators of Opportunity-based Accessibility" / Yali Chen, et al. -- "Change in Land Use through Microsimulation of Market
TRR 2255 ... TRR 2255 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR)
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Measuring Access to Transit Service in Rural Transit Systems : Feedback from the Workshops and Recommendations for Improving the DRT Accessibility Tool
2011 ... Nazneen Ferdous, Gaurav Vyas, Chandra Bhat · This report discusses the application of the paratransit microsimulation patron accessibility analysis tool developed by the University of Texas researchers. The analysis tool is applied to four rural transit agencies in Texas. Workshops were held at these four agencies plus two other
5178-03-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11/5-5178-03-1
Full-text Link:
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Literature Review of Current Practices in Dealing with Fluctuations of Maintenance Budgets
2011 ... Epigmenio Gonzalez [and five others] · A literature review was conducted to investigate current budget cutting strategies used in routine roadway maintenance planning, including methods and techniques that are employed by other state and international transportation organizations (DOT?s). Methods that quantify impact and
6623-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6623-1
Full-text Link:
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Positive Feedback : An Examination of Current Approaches in Iterative Travel Demand Model Implementation
2011 ... RS: Phillip Reeder; Researchers: Kevin Hall, Karen Lorenzini, Chandra Bhat · Travel demand models (TDMs) are critical quantitative analysis tools that support development of long-range transportation plans and air quality analysis. The Texas Department of Transportation's Transportation Planning and Programming Division
6632 Summary [TTI] ... PSR 0-6632-s ... Project Summary Report, 0-6632
Full-text Link:
Highway Safety Management; Safety Workforce Development; School Transportation
2011 ... [various authors] · TRR no. 2213 contains 13 papers that explore sustainable safety, road safety policies, safety impacts of traffic management operations, managing safety in traffic analysis zones, and reducing crash fatalities on rural roadways. | This issue of the TRR also examines road safety audits of low-volume roads,
TRR 2213 ... TRR 2213 ... Transportation Research Record (TRR), 2213
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Freight Planning for Texas : Expanding the Dialogue
2011 ... Jolanda Prozzi [and six others] · Efficient, reliable, and safe freight transportation is critical to the economic prosperity of any region. An efficient multimodal and intermodal transportation system reduces transportation and supply chain transaction costs and increases connectivity, reliability, and accessibility to local
6297-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6297-1; Product 0-6297-P3
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· http://library.ctr.utexas.edu/digitized/CTR/0-6297-1_appendixA.pdf
· http://library.ctr.utexas.edu/digitized/CTR/0-6297-1_appendixB.pdf
· http://library.ctr.utexas.edu/digitized/CTR/0-6297-1_appendixC.pdf
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Freight Planning Factors Impacting Texas Commodity Flows
2011 ... RS: C. Michael Walton; Researchers: Chandra Bhat, Migdalia Carrion, Nathan Hutson, Ken Perrine, Jolanda Prozzi, Dan Seedah · Intermodal and freight concerns have thus received increasing attention in the wake of globalization, increasing congestion, and changes in the logistics structure of shippers. Both the Intermodal
6297 Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6297-s ... Project Summary Report, 0-6297
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Appraisal of Available Analytical Tools to Assess Environmental Justice Impacts of Toll Road Projects
2011 ... RS: Jolanda Prozzi; Researchers: Chandra Bhat [and four others] · During 2004-2006, TxDOT project 0-5208 developed a method for the identification, measurement, and mitigation of adverse impacts imposed on EJ communities. The methodology proposed had two components: an analysis/ quantitative component and an
6544-Summary [CTR] ... PSR 0-6544-S ... Project Summary Report, 0-6544
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Assessing the Environmental Justice Impacts of Toll Road Projects
2010 ... Jolanda Prozzi [and five others] · Inadequate and uncertain transportation funding have in recent years resulted in a renewed emphasis on using investments that can be recovered by toll charges to finance new roads and modernize existing roads. This has raised questions about environmental justice (EJ) and how it pertains to
6544-1 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-11/0-6544-1
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An empirical analysis of children's after school out-of-home activity-location engagement patterns and time allocation
2010 ... Rajesh Paleti, Rachel B. Copperman, Chandra R. Bhat · Children are an often overlooked and understudied population group, whose travel needs are responsible for a significant number of trips made by a household. In addition, children’s travel and activity participation during the post-school period have direct
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A joint flexible econometric model system of household residential location and vehicle fleet composition/usage choices
2010 ... Naveen Eluru [and three others] · Modeling the interaction between the built environment and travel behavior is of much interest to transportation planning professionals due to the desire to curb vehicular travel demand through modifications to built environment attributes. However, such models need to take into account self-
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Examining the Influence of Tolls on Commute Departure and Route Choice Behavior in the Chicago Region
2010 ... Naveen Eluru, Rajesh Paleti and Chandra R. Bhat · In the United States, a significant number of individuals depend on the auto mode of transportation. The high auto dependency, in turn, has resulted in high auto travel demand on highways. The resulting traffic congestion levels, surging oil prices, the limited ability to address
2010- 169200-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/10/169200-1
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On Jointly Analyzing the Physical Activity Participation Levels of Individuals in a Family Unit Using a Multivariate Copula Framework
2010 ... Ipek N. Sener, Naveen Eluru and Chandra R. Bhat · The report focuses on analyzing and modeling the physical activity participation levels (in terms of the number of daily “bouts” or “episodes” of physical activity during a weekend day) of all members of a family jointly. Essentially, we consider a family as a “cluster” of individuals
2010- 161020-1 [CTR] ... SWUTC/10/161020-1
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A copula-based joint multinomial discrete-continuous model of vehicle type choice and miles of travel
2009 ... Erika Spissu [and three others] · In this paper, a joint model of vehicle type choice and utilization is formulated and estimated on a data set of vehicles drawn from the 2000 San Francisco Bay Area Travel Survey. The joint discrete-continuous model system formulated in this study explicitly accounts for common unobserved
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Tour-Based Model Development for TxDOT : Evaluation and Transition Steps
2009 ... Ipek N. Sener [and three others] · The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), in conjunction with the metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) under its purview, oversees the travel demand model development and implementation for most of the urban areas in Texas. In these urban areas, a package of computer programs
6210-2 [CTR] ... FHWA/TX-10/0-6210-2
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· http://library.ctr.utexas.edu/digitized/zipfiles/0-6210-2_cdrom.zip
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